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Talonguard Facility Quality at 85?

Caldeathe Baequiannia
A job that should have taken about 38 hours is queued for 2.5 days.
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Read EE 11.0 release notes, crafting time is now tied to settlement level.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I'd anticipated that level 11 would be better than an 85 crafting level. What training level is required to get 100?
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Bob posted this information here.

"We looked into the facility rating issue and the new plan for player settlements is to hook the facility rating into your settlement level, much like training. Your facility ratings start at 60 if you don't pay upkeep (settlement level 9), then rise to 70 at level 10, 85 at level 11, and 100 at level 12. After that, they rise by 25 for each settlement level until they hit 300 at settlement level 20.

When upgrading becomes available, the rule will pretty much be that each facility has a rating of 50 at +0, and gains 50 points for each upgrade."
The old Facility Rating was 200 so if you want the same crafting times we had prior to EE 11 you need to bump your settlement to Level 16.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
In which case, is it time, yet, to revisit the original plan of reducing crafting times?
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I don't know, I think the community wanted the long crafting times. With most of the small server pop having DTs and/or multiple accounts, few conflicts that cause item churn and an abundance of resources stockpiled I think the consensus was that we had too many crafters and not enough of a market from non crafting players. The game was designed for a much smaller percentage of crafters.

Maybe there should be a new thread because the devs did originally want to cut the crafting times by 1/5th and there was backlash. I can't remember anyone who supported the idea of reducing craft times but that was before we had T3 crafters and facility ratings dependent on bulk resources.
For the record, I still support the longer crafting times. We're discussing raising the standard training level at High Road from 14 to 16. When we get our last two finished goods buildings crafted, active folks in the region are welcome to craft their finished goods there as we offer stations for all finished goods. Refine in Talonguard and craft in Highroad.
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I just checked Emerald Lodge - we currently have a facility rating of 250 and we never crafted faster in our settlement. This is what all the bulk goods are good for. Pile them up in your bank or use them - your choice.
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Oops, there might actually be a reason to have holdings before 2017. smile
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