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Talonguard Facility Quality at 85?

Brighthaven Leader
Ummm I thought they wanted to cut crafting time by 80% not 20%, and that is what the backlash was about.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
I think that should be to 1/5, not by 1/5
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Oops, there might actually be a reason to have holdings before 2017. smile

Indeed - EL might actually burn more bulk as we produce right now - but I intend to keep it that way for a while.

If you are a crafter - take a mule and come to EL if your settlement doesn't offer fast crafting.

If you are a bandit - look out for crafters with mules traveling between settlements. I carried several thousand herbs yesterday back to EL. It's save now - but the first time in a long while when I feared PvP. One rogue bandit would have hit the jackpot if he/she attacked me.
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We welcome both hard core players as well as casual players with or without tabletop experience. We have a strong group in Europe and are slowly expanding into the US. We are predominately PvE as our neutral political stance means that we tend to use PvP only in self-defence. We are not anti-PVP - but expect limited PvP opportunity with us.
Talonguard will have its Settlement level up higher next week, and thus it's facility quality will be up and crafting times be shorter.
Keepers is currently running level 16 I believe.

You can of course craft anywhere at present but then you have the hassle/danger of moving crafted goods home.
<— Still doesn't agree that crafting times should be any faster than they are right now. Lots of reasons for that, but #1 is that if you want FAST you have to burn bulk.
Virtute et Armis
High Road has all of the crafting stations (not refining stations), and the settlement is set at 16.
Caer Coedwig and Live Oak have all of the refining stations and auction houses but not all the finished crafting stations (yet), if anyone is digging for T3 and wants to place their leftover refined T1 or T2 goods on the AH before/instead of muling heavy raws home.
<— Still doesn't agree that crafting times should be any faster than they are right now. Lots of reasons for that, but #1 is that if you want FAST you have to burn bulk.

If anything crafting times need to be slower we have far too many crafters for demand.

We currently have an illogical situation where people are demanding faster craft times AND stupidly high increases in durability damage at the same time. Basically they want armor and weapons to be both made and consumed like potions smile

I think the real issue is the refusal of much of the playerbase to accept the need for a premium on long craft time items due to the "opportunity cost" . If I can make one item over 3 days for a 10% markup or 3 similar priced items at one per day at 10% markup each the faster items are more profitable.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Both shorter crafting times and higher damage rates increase resource burn, while balancing in different ways. Some combination of the two should help increase resource scarcity, leading to increased conflict. There's nothing remotely illogical about discussing both.

I'm not aware of a lot of people "demanding" either, let alone both, so I'm inclined to consider both "demanding" and "stupidly high" to be exaggerations designed to make an emotional appeal against the arguments rather than a logical one.
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