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EE 11.1 Discussion

We're starting to work on EE 11.1, with a focus on polish items and bug fixes, ideally things that can be implemented both quickly and safely. We've already got a good list of possible improvements to look at, but we'd love to hear from all of you what kinds of small improvements would have the most positive impact for each of you. Please post your suggestions in this thread, and if any particular issues start to need massive amounts of discussion, we can start separate threads for them.

Given the current size of the team, we won't be able to do tons of work, so it would be best if you could each pick just a few very specific things that would really make a difference for you. I'll chime in as much as I can to help answer questions and give some rough idea of which things are more or less possible. As some advance warning, I do plan to be extremely logy from excess food consumption for the next several days, so don't expect the speediest of replies.
Friends List, including notifications of Friends and Settlement/Company mates logging on or off.

Sorted and filtered Vaults.

Chat system improvements like being able to join and password-protect custom chat channels, and being able to choose which channels appear on which tabs.
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Sorted and filtered vaults.

Clicking on GUI items does not select objects under the GUI item.
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For me, fixing vaults is the only thing that fits those conditions.
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#1 Sorted and filtered vaults.

#2 Friends List, including notifications of Friends and Settlement/Company mates logging on or off.

#3 Goblinworks forums having its own PM system. (I hate having to use multiple third party systems and keep track of emails, Paizo PMs, Coal Road PMs, and threads I cant search for a specific info)

#4 Log in screen telling you where you character is (I got multiple accounts, and I don't always have my notepad on hand)

#5 Some way of knowing if you have items stored in more than one vault (just the Encumbrance total and location is enough)
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Vault tabs for sorting and being able to log out and switch character without closing program
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1. Vault Sorting Tabs or Bags that we can label.

2. Stack splitting

…and a side order of "Take All" like that on the mule.
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Social and logistics based additions and fixes are most important at this point, I think. The following list is in order, based on what I think is most important:

  1. Being able to customize which channels are on which tab in the chat system (At the very least, allow General and Settlement to be on the same tab somehow, but differentiate by color or something)
  2. Friends list, with functionality to whisper or invite (maybe right click to open a menu with whisper and invite, or double click to default to whisper) - not sure how I feel about being able to see if people on your friends list or in your settlement/company are online, maybe a discussion should be started for that
  3. Vault tab sorting, including sorting by base name rather than prefix (Yew Sapling instead of Smooth Yew Sapling), or by ingredient type
  4. Drag and drop stacks give a prompt window with a way to type in the amount you want to drag, could only activate this on shift+click to make it less annoying when moving entire stacks
  5. Combat log
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1. Sorting and filtering vaults

2. Buy bids show up on AH with "Active Auctions" ticked, even if there are no sell orders

3. Death and respawn selects a shrine on same Terrain level as your husk

4. TRANSFER ALL button to move entire inventory at once into a personal vault or trade window
1. Fix the Permissions of the Settlement Upkeep Vault
2. Make chat so that that text does not disappear when clicking on something else
3. Vault/inventory filtering/sorting, not having it slow down when full of items
4. Some sort of way of inviting people to party, trading with mouse, so maybe having a menu pop up when right clicking on a character.
5. Make it easier to reply and whisper in chat, using the mouse.
6. Combat log
7. Log on vault to tell what has gone in and out on vaults, and by who.
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