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Armorsmith, to many skills needed?

Here's some detailed info (also from TEO but not in Cheatle's guide)

T1 Armorsmith armors require Smelter for all, tanner for 3, weaver for 2, sage for 1, and sawyer+alchemist for one.
T2 Armorsmith armors require Smelter (7-10) for all, Weaver (7-11) for all, Tanner (7-9) for two, Sawyer (9) for one and Sage (smile for one.

It -does- mean that a guild aiming to make T2 armor in the first 2 months of the game will need (access to) dedicated refiners across the board in addition to crafters.

So bascially: it takes 7 people to set up an proper T2 armor industry. (miner, smelter, tanner, scavenger, weaver, armorsmith, plus a trader to get crystals and oak poles), but each need only a single skill.
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And if you add a few more people to that industry lineup, you can get all the T2 industries running; Leatherworker takes only 1 more character, for example.
I like the complexity of armor crafting.

It is good that you need multiple inputs to make the higher tier armor it will encourage trade.
Complexity is a good thing longer term.
What do you need sage for in t1?
Dazyk of Phaeros
Probably the essences required for the +3s of a couple armours.
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Sages make gems needed by Iconographers for Foci and Holy Symbols
(just for clarification, there used to be a Singing Iron Shirt in the T1 armor recipe list. It used Sepia Crystals, but is no longer on the recipe spreadsheets. I don't know if the Singing Iron Shirt recipes were ever implemented as drops.)
At some point, crowdforging suggestions seem to be like fan fiction. Some good, some bad, some repetitious and predictable. But maybe there are some gems out there.
I suppose you could in theory in EVE build your own Titan if you had a few hundred alts and an isoboxed mining fleet and did nothing else but play EVE 24/7 for 3 years. Or you can do it as a corp/alliance. Player made star gates in EVE look like being an even bigger project than Titans.

Not everything player made in a game is meant to be made by a single player.

Enchanted T3 armor will probably be one of those things. It will require either a very active auction house regularly stocked by refiners or some sort of company/settlement "master plan".
The more concerning thing about metal armor is that for some reason the devs decided to make it take far longer to make then every other grouping of armor. Why should cloth light and medium take so much less time when its the same tier?
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