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What would THIS Sanbox/w OWPVP be like if...

Thorgrim Foegrinder
Perhaps making it so that Tier 3 stuff can only be crafted in player settlements in the equivalent of null-sec is the answer, at least then it would require lots of carting resources around. Maybe even make it so that Tier 1 resources can only be gathered in safe areas to force that resource movement.
This is a good suggestion.

Once the true siege warfare system for settlements is put into the game, then have siege items that can only be crafted in player run settlements.
Will throw my please do this here .. as it semi addresses what to do about making resources easy to harvest in highly patrolled areas..
Make the crafting system as diverse as the combat keyword system .. make resources have quality ratings and not generic descriptions, make iron gathered in mountains better for making armor, make iron gathered in T3 hexes in meteor hexes make vastly superior weapons etc . At the same time make the iron pick out of trash near a settlement hex great for arrows but crappy for armor and weapons..
The crafting system is super generic and could become a lot more if work were put into making it as diverse as our combat keyword system.. if whoever comes in came upgrade do something along these lines then using resources from different areas of the map and different tiers , can and would result in vastly different end products..
I think what a lot of people here not realize is - all the 'easy' T1 resources in safe areas are pretty limited. Once you go for T2 resources to get enough for +5 you will realize that there aren't many places to gather a certain resource in an economic way.
I say economic. We have 2 plains next to us. You would expect something like wool wouldn't be an issue. It isn't for the low level crafting happening right now. But I know each hex has a total of 80 wool before 100% depleted. You can safely gathe 40 wool from each hex per day without any issues every day for as long as you like. That is 2 coarse padding+3 a day or 2 T2 armour - no problem you would say.
Now a +5 coarse padding costs an estimated 6000 wool. Suddenly the Matha looks different. Either I have a lot of time - we are talking here at least 75 days - or I need to import it / go elsewhere.
The same goes for many other raw materials. Only enriched areas provide enough to harvest loads of these. In this respect PFO is build up pretty nicely. The issue is once again server population. Wars for resources will happen if there is a sufficient need.
Right now the way of least resistance is to avoid war and just go somewhere else were nobody is gathering already. Fill these places and PvP will happen - even without changes to the current game. I've gathered and scouted loads of places. Last time I looked I was number 2 contributor to the storehouse.
The data there is fascinating and shows a really well build up world. But there is a retain level below which you can't lower resources or a single gatherer drains them too fast. Get more players in and you many people might be positively suprised how the game dynamic will change.
The problem is now a chicken & egg one. Not enough players and the game suffers. A game that suffers and not enough players want to play. Unfortunately I have no solution for that problem.
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We welcome both hard core players as well as casual players with or without tabletop experience. We have a strong group in Europe and are slowly expanding into the US. We are predominately PvE as our neutral political stance means that we tend to use PvP only in self-defence. We are not anti-PVP - but expect limited PvP opportunity with us.
Wool is probably a bad example as TK seems to have an inexhaustible supply but yes point taken.

There are two issues here. Firstly there is no continual influx of new players willing to go gather T1 for a few hours a night in return for coppers or crafted gear. Secondly the supply is limited so throwing more gatherers at a hex does not help.
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