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Aligned Weapon Keywords

Cleric discussion has been in vogue this week, so I thought I'd bring up something that has been puzzling me for some time. What's up with the keyword progression on sanctified attacks? I get that the first keyword in the progression is replaced with the Sanctified keyword. All sanctified attacks have Sanctified as the first keyword in the progression. All sanctified weapons also have the first keyword of the weapon's progression on them as well so they match all keywords in the fighter based attacks with that weapon.

What I don't get is that at rank 5 you get a deity based keyword. These keywords do not exist on _any_ gear in the game. Therefore, in the game's current build, you cannot match all of the keywords in a sanctified weapon's progression. A rank 5 sanctified attack with a +3 Sanctified Steel weapon will always match one fewer keyword than it's counterpart from the dreadnought trainer. Am I missing something?

My guess is that the intent is in later development you would gain the deity keyword through your characters alignment and reputation with your temple. For example, I'm a CG Cleric of Gorum. Gorum's attacks have the Anarchic keyword. Once I have done sufficient tasks/investment with my temple I would be named rank 5 in affiliation with my temple and gain a title. Say, "Scion of Battle," this title on my character sheet would then provide the Anarchic keyword to all attacks and features that use them. If I leave the faith, I lose the keyword.

Even if I'm correct, however, that leaves us with a sub-optimal keyword matching system for sanctified attacks until we get a vigorous God pass in development (12+ months likely). If I'm close to correct about any of this I would suggest that, in the short term, you handle that level 5 keyword the same way you handle the level 1 words. Place both the deity based keyword and the regular weapon progression keyword on a T2 +3 Weapon. When development catches up, remove it.

This is further complicated a bit as the order of the keywords is slightly different for sanctified weapons. Greatsword sanctified attacks, for instance, require the normal Rank 5 keyword at Rank 3 (Razored) and never grants the Rank 3 keyword (Sharp). In this example, the sanctified greatsword could be fixed by adding the rank 3 keyword (sharp) to Gorum's Sanctified attacks at Rank 5 along with Anarchic.
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Yeah, I was starting to wonder about how this will go as well.

Some people think the deity weapons (like falchion, trident, starknife, scimitar, etc) will have a different keyword progression that matches the deity attacks, and might even provide that specific deity keyword. The problem with that is if it replaces one of the other keywords, you now no longer match all the keywords on the other sanctified and fighter attacks.

I thought for a while that it would be through enchanting that you get that last keyword. I could see the "Fire" keyword on Dawnflower's Caress being matched by a weapon with the "flaming" enchantment. I think they still could possibly go this way. The Fire keyword could still do its regular thing – like adding extra fire damage to attacks when matched with a "Magic Item" feat. But for Clerics of Sarenrae they'd also match it on their Sarenrae attacks.

But I think the idea I like the best, in the short term, is like what you suggested. Just add the deity weapons as clones of their analogues and provide the deity keyword on sanctified weapons of that type just on the base weapon. That way, I would match all the keywords on rank 5 Dawnflower's Caress with a T2+3 Scimitar, just like everyone else does with their attacks.
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Pretty sure Ryan or Stephen or someone said it was intended longterm those keywords would come from enchanted weapons.
Ok. If you're sure about that Edam, I'm going to move this over to Crowdforging and suggest a temporary fix until enchanting is implemented.
Go West for freedom and adventure! Join the free soil settlers of High Road. Be a positive and constructive force for freedom in the Bulwark Hills.
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