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Congratulations to the new rulers of Greystone Keep (formerly RiverBank)!

The Grey Guard company has claimed the territory around the former settlement of RiverBank and made it their own, renaming the settlement Greystone Keep. Congratulations!
Virtute et Armis
Leader of Marsh Wardens and Steward of Hammerfall
Baron Malthius
Thorgrim Foegrinder
[Sylva] is the premier Nature based settlement in Pathfinder Online. We're a family that has come together through the game, and we're one of the most active settlements currently. We have a solid roleplaying foundation and are a home to those who both love and hate PvP.

[The Seventh Veil] is a meta-game group with members in several different settlements. We've created many guides and spreadsheets for the game that are referenced by hundreds of players on a daily basis and we maintain multiple websites like [], [The Storehouse], and [The Unofficial PFO Atlas] to make information more readily available. The Seventh Veil promotes positive game play at all times.
Great work, Grey Guard.
Well done.
Tink says Stab
I clap at your ability to take cities in a game with literally no competition.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
They did what no one else in the universe put the effort into doing last weekend, and any achievement that can be comparatively ranked is by definition a competition. Congrats to another PFO win!
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