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Lisa's End of the Year Keepsake Chat!

Keepsake Chat smile

Finally, a chat I can hold on to forever and ever and ever and ever!
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I plan to store mine with the holiday decorations for next year smile
PFU Hoffman
Put your questions here for the last keepsake/keepside chat of the year!
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Can you disclose the terms between Paizo and Goblinworks regarding the Pathfinder IP, and under what conditions Paizo has the legal ability to unilaterally revoke the license?
Thorgrim Foegrinder
Lisa, what will your position in the new Goblinworks be? Will you step down as CEO when the new investors come in? What will the relationship between the new Goblinworks and Paizo be, if any different from how it is now? Are the rest of the still active team staying on, and if so how will their positions in the new Goblinworks change from their current positions?
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Assuming the new investor deal is made :
Will we see a change of pace regarding the development of the game compared to first semester ?
Will development go with the same roadmap or will be everything done until now be reviewed and assessed by the new investor?

As part of the New Deal, were there any discussions about keeping or making the original Kickstarter backers whole? It would be nice to have the contributions we've made to date recognized in some fashion by allowing the progress on our characters to continue, but I completely understand if the new investor would opt to start with a clean slate. If the latter occurred, were there any discussions of remuneration for Kickstarter backers who have kept the faith since Day One? (And I would not want to exclude anyone who has joined since Day One and is actively subscribing.) Thanks and looking forward to the Keepsake Chat. May it be the first in a collection of many more to come.
Hi Lisa,

No "Agreement" related or technical questions here. I doubt that you can answer anything very specific at this point so I won't waste your time by asking you to tell us that you can't answer this or that. smile

1. You have probably had some back and forth with these people. Can you just give us your impressions on where they might take the game or anything that they have mentioned about their vision for it?

2. Very curious and anxious about GW employees. Will they be folded into the project moving forward?

3. Assuming everything goes as smooth as possible, when will the New Overlords land?
Virtute et Armis
The Eternal Balance
1. Is there going to be a server wipe?

2. If not, will we get to keep our: accumulated achievements? Copper? Raw materials and crafted items stored in bank vaults? Will we keep our Smallholdings?

3. What of all the paid for but never delivered Kickstarter premium pledge rewards and add-on items? Magic Master/Brewmaster/Geography buff etc, Twice Marked of Pharmasms, secret salute, Daily Deals, Regional Traits, Hellknight Most Wanted etc etc etc. Will any of these be honored by the new company? Are they part of the negotiations at all or have they already been written off?
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I throw in one of a slightly technical bent as most of my other questions has been raised by others.

Has there been any thoughts, ideas or assessments of an upgrade to Unity 5?
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