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Brenna Stonebreaker passed away…

Auriga and I only had the pleasure to team up with Brenna a few times (Nhur Athemon and Elementals), but I always found her to be wonderful companion and very enthusiastic about the game, full of laughter and life. I had the pleasure of her joining a few of my tours for achievements as well and her company was wonderful for those long, tedious hours of running. She was a light in PFO and will be missed dearly.

I wish you the best in this and will look forward to seeing you and working with you upon your return.
Aurora Silverstar, Pathfinder University Quartermaster & Explorer
Kiernan Silverstar, Aurora's lazy & good-for-nothing younger brother who just likes to blow things up.

PM MidknightDiamond on Paizo Forum
I remember playing with Brenna and she was a definite strong presence in any raid group, and she brought some laughs to me by her presence during times where I didn't think it was possible. I lost my grandmother to cancer last year and I know how devastating it can be. I won't belabor the obvious, but keep yourself healthy as well, it's so easy to forget to take care of yourself in a situation like this.

Thank you Giorgio and Thank you Brenna.
Would it be wrong to suggest that we poll Bob for a "Brennas stone" somewhere in PFO?
As one of those things creates some serious and meaningful features in our little virtual world.

I think that if it did not bother Giorgio or Forgeholm it would be an excellent test of the crowdforging feature. I had thought of it myself so I am very glad that you brought it up.


With Giorgio's consent, I think this would be awesome.
Aurora Silverstar, Pathfinder University Quartermaster & Explorer
Kiernan Silverstar, Aurora's lazy & good-for-nothing younger brother who just likes to blow things up.

PM MidknightDiamond on Paizo Forum
Thanks for sharing Giorgio - I was very moved by what you wrote. I did meet Brenna Stonebreaker in game a few times and did some deals with her. It was always fun interacting with her and I'm sure Thod even fought next to her - likely it was Nhur Athemon.
But this serves as a huge reminder - there are actual players behind the characters. I don't think I ever interacted with Brenna in a chat as I wasn't in the slightest aware who she was in real life until this post.
To the memory of Brenna - as this is how I interacted with the player behind the character and this is how I will remember her. And if GW could build a stone in remembrance (Giorgio permitting it) then my vote is added to the suggestion.
Thod/Theodum are the OOC/IC leaders of the Emerald Lodge - a neutral settlement in the center of the mal that tries to the first to explore the Emerald Spire - should that part of the game ever become available. We have a strong in game and out of game relationship with the Pathfinder Society.
We welcome both hard core players as well as casual players with or without tabletop experience. We have a strong group in Europe and are slowly expanding into the US. We are predominately PvE as our neutral political stance means that we tend to use PvP only in self-defence. We are not anti-PVP - but expect limited PvP opportunity with us.
+1 for the Stone.

Rest in peace Myrna.
I only had the opportunity to team with her once, but it was during the Elemental Event and I enjoyed it immensely (we both kicked the butt of a certain annoying former player.) smile Rest in peace Myrna and my sincerest condolences to her family.
You have Talonguard's condolences as well.
May Myrna rest in Peace.

My condolences, Brenna was a a lot of fun to play Pathfinder with. She was fun to tease and mess with on teamspeak, and always had a great attitude. I loved that she actually played Pathfinder with you, that is something very unique, even in todays world.

I have thought about her many times over the past few months and I am very sorry for your loss.

+5 for the stone, or monument
Duffy Swiftshadow
My condolences.
I had the privilege of running with her long ago. I'm very sad to hear that she has passed. This is simply heartbreaking. My condolences to all. smile
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