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Brenna Stonebreaker passed away…

Giorgio, my deepest condolences. Pathfinder Online was a richer place with Brenna in it, and she will be missed.
PFU Hoffman
Brenna will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Lisa Stevens
Hey Giorgio:

I had the pleasure many a time to chat with Brenna about all things Pathfinder Online. Usually in character and always with a lot of heart. She put a huge smile on my face when I had the chance to chat and many times that made my day better. I was wondering what had happened to her and noticed her absence from the game, but with all the changes, I figured she had just moved onward. I will remember her fondly and you have my heartfelt thoughts and prayers.

Quijenoth Starkiller
smile such a huge loss.
Quijenoth Starkiller Viceroy of Callambea
Company Leader of Beyond the Grave -
Crafting Planner
Baron Malthius
I only recall a couple of times where I had the chance to interact with her but when I did she was a great person to be around.

My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.
My deepest condolences to you and everyone who knew her. I was always so nose-to-the-grindstone that I didn't get the chance to play along side her, but it means a lot that the game and community were a source of happiness for her. Rest in peace.

I admit I have been at a loss of words to say when I heard the news.

I got to play and chat with Brenna a lot and am deeply saddened by her passing. I count myself lucky to have been able to play the game with her so long, laugh or panic together (sometimes both) when the mobs overwhelmed us. For Brenna I knew that PFO was her first MMO and I got to see her improve and become more confident at the game. She went from someone who not like PvP to someone who could enjoy it from time to time.

I will miss her and she will stay in my thoughts.
Rest in peace.

Elder of Forgeholm
Owner of
Contactable at
I am so sorry to hear she is no longer with us. Brenna was always passionate and full of life. She was genuinely interested in the welfare of her fellow players. I saw her go out of her way many times to lend a hand to a stranger in need. She will be sorely missed.
I hadn't the pleasure to meet her in game, but the loss of a player, especially if she is someone that can gift fun to the other players, is always tragic.
I hope her family will find some solace in remembering the good times in the game and outside it.

Rest in peace.

She was a wonderful person, my first few hours in PFO were spent with her and the forgeholm people. She was very kind, generous, and really loved her son. She had the immediate inclination of helping new players settle into PFO. She gave me my first spear, armor, and experience of grouping.

She told me about the stories of the EQ days, of how Durin would have her camp rare mob spawns when he was at school, and how happy it made the both of them. I could only wish my parent would do the same for me. Having a relationship where both parent and child both enjoy gaming, is a precious precious thing.

I feel terrible for causing you guys stress over pvp.

Sorry for your loss of a great person, and sorry for the stress I caused for you guys.
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