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Brenna Stonebreaker passed away…

Rest in Peace, Brenna.
Trillium and I are so glad that we got to meet her, and that she was one of the band of dwarves that founded Forgeholm.
Rest in Peace Brenna
Thanks to everyone and their kinds words; it has/is been a very hard time for me and my family. Even though she is gone, there is still a lot of "loose ends" that need to be tied up/dealt with, and each of them brings back memories of what once was, and what will never be again.

I would not mind seeing a tribute to my mom in Forgeholm, that would have embarrassed the hell out of her and yet make her so proud and moved/appreciated.

It is a shame she was not able to hear Lisa's good news in person, I know that would have lifted her spirits and made her eager to play again. Every time I will log in to play this game from now on it will remind me of her, and I know that deep down she played this game because of me and to make me happy/share time together. I will treasure that always.
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Hi Giorgio,

I came here just to respond to your message as it touched me very much. I haven't played PFO in some time, and I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. She's in a much better place though, that's for damn sure. Hoping you and your family find solace~

I took a trip to visit the memorial in Forgeholm last night. It is very well done. Thank you for creating this.
Thats a big shock, I dont play for a long time and decide to check out forum and PFO and thats what I see.. Brenna was such a cheerful and helpful person. Rest in peace Brenna.

Tordal Deepmug
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