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Musings on a new investor

The thing about a year long player that buys the game is it could easily be someone who has been crowdforging for a different game than what any particular player has been crowdforging for.

Will we ever be told what the investor's character names or forum names are/were?

That seems like an extremely important piece of info because we can read all their posts and determine what they were advocating. Finding the investors to drop a few million on the game may have become an "I Win" button on crowdforging.

I also worry that the in-game animosities that this game has provoked, at times, could color a new developer's ability to be an impartial moderator, if they are/were part of such dramas.

Would/should the community accept Midnight as the new developer? (No, it isn't me who signed the letter of intent).

Will the community accept some other polarizing figure?
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke

Tink already said it was him, and yes, we should all accept him as our new
(Warning: Nothing in this post is true, and no advice from anyone named Tigari should be followed, there's a reason why the first rule of EoX is to never follow Tig)
Not as concerned as Midnight.. perhaps I should be but for now this is what I heard

A player approached his company and said take a look at this game and see what you think.
The company said looks up and up. Lets find some folks to invest in it..
I didn’t get the sense it was actually the player who owns the company, and even then its not his company funding the idea. The bottom line will be whatever company is doing the development will have to answer to the investment firm.

So if statistics say they can grab ____ subs by making __ changes they will probably do that. If that alienates the 300 people that still play and our 1000 active accounts.. so be it .. if the changes draw in 10000 players with 20000 accounts, our views mean very little.
I think it was fairly well indicated during the Keepsake Chat that the investing company was presented with the original design document for the game, and thus their perspective on the direction of the game is not entirely shaped by the mysterious long-time player who presented it to them. Furthermore, if I were presenting a game as a significant investment for my company, I would endeavor to present it without any of my own personal biases, so as to represent it accurately according to its current state.

Will the new company have to make some controversial decisions? Definitely, it's clear that we don't all agree on the direction of this game and it's up to them to decide where it actually goes. Might their decisions make some of the initial backers leave? Probably. But at least the game will develop and continue to exist. That sure beats dying.
Cleric of Sarenrae

The one caveat to a player working for the company taking it over ..

Is for transparency purposes and fairness to everyone we need to know what settlement/ company they are affiliated with. We need to know the company has policies in the place with what their employees can and cant do in game etc..

Think GW did a great job with bloodstone swords in those regards, I hope the new dev team will do the same.
The "player" may not even be part of the dev team, for all we know they may just be the "coffee guy" who fetches coffee for the actual devs.
Hopefully it IS someone insignificant in the company.

I had a friend who was a dev for Turbine (Asheron's Call). His work was designing the trees and some contributions to pathing.

So, of course, when he was grouped with us, we'd be admiring a sunrise on a hilltop and one of us would always complain about the trees. smile
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
Hobson Fiffledown
Hey now, the "coffee guy" can be the most important person sometimes.
This space for rent.
I was tempted to make a play for PFO.

I could have lined up millionaire investors. I regularly lunch with accredited investors.

But as much as we appreciate distressed assets and companies, I think I'm dragging more of them into "junk" bonds after I mentioned that I bought the senior secured debt for the country's largest specialty paper company for 2 cents on the dollar.

By the way, 100% of my "junk" bond investments have been profitable, even when the company has gone into bankruptcy.

If GW was a publicly traded company with bond debt, I'd be well on my way to taking over the company without ever buying a share of stock. smile
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
Much, much better to never reveal any character that any member of any new owner/investors have playing the game. You get to sit in agony, wondering WHO it is and believe that they (and their in game affiliates) have some sort of advantage. Which some of you are going to do no matter what.

There isn't any "gain" in divulging such to the player base. Only a target for enthusiastic "favor" witch hunters.
Virtute et Armis
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