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Musings on a new investor

I've played EvE for a number of years, and I can still remember the BoB scandal where devs used their influence to help their alliance. It could have been a shut down moment for CCP had the community reacted harshly enough. While the community was up in arms, they stayed with the game.

It's naive to think that this individual won't have influence. This person had enough influence to broker a deal for his "firm" to take over the reigns of PFO, couldn't he also influence his company to make his version of the game?

I don't have as much time invested in this game and the direction it goes as some of you who have played it for the last year; but I am having faith that GW/PFO had a design document, and that the investors bought into an established plan.
There isn't any "gain" in divulging such to the player base..

*If* the person were going to have influence on the direction of the game (rather than drawing trees) the gain would be in providing clarity to the playerbase.

After all we've been through the players deserve ALL the clarity that can be provided, and failure to provide clarity just means that all players are right to worry that the future of the game isn't ultimately intended for them (with all the attendant impacts that has on revenue).

I could easily afford to triple the number of accounts I have, as well as buy more smallholdings and other cash-shop goodies. Doubt holds me back (and has resulted in 80% of my already owned accounts being set to billing OFF). Regardless of which direction a player wants the game to go, doubt is surely holding back people's spending in every camp. Note I'm not saying it affects every player, but it affects the spending in every camp of players.

But if we're just talking about the coffee guy, then no biggie. smile
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
Your concerns are valid - but I do wonder if this thread will be constructive or if it endangers what is happening right now. There are good aspects that someone knowing the investor has played the game. Lets try to focus on these.
Whoever it is - he won't be whiter then white or holier then holy. 1st of March is only 2 month time. So lets wait and see what we learn once the new owners tell us what they want us to hear.
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If suggesting the benefits of clarity and openness endangers what is happening now, I'll happily to wait for the NEXT deal that doesn't feel threatened by suggesting clarity and openness.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
Caldeathe Baequiannia
all players are right to worry that the future of the game isn't ultimately intended for them
Perhaps. but I'm more sanguine. In the long run, the game will either succeed or fail. If it succeeds, then barring some pretty heavy-handed decisions by the devs, either I'll enjoy the game, or my accounts will be valuable to others that will enjoy it and I will move on. The only time I will face any real negative result is if the game fails completely or the devs erase substantial value. With that in mind, it's hard to be anything but pleased with Lisa's efforts.

Now, if only I hadn't wasted time and goodwill raising $2k a couple of weeks ago, it would all be roses.
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Clarity and openness have their place, but "insider trading" is a thing that companies that make multimillion dollar deals have to worry about. They have certain disclosure requirements, and a leak of an incomplete deal of theirs could expose multiple people to criminal charges AND sink the deal. I kept my speculation to wild randomness and wishful thinking, rather than trying to accurately asses the evidence precisely because of that risk.

There's no way that any individual or small group has the ability to influence development decisions in any way off of a profitable direction. I'm heartened that there's a company out there that thinks that the price of acquiring Goblinworks' sunk costs in developing a MMO is a better option than starting from scratch, even with the marketing disadvantages that PFO brings to the table. Frankly, the only thing I see that could be worth buying is the mechanics of the combat system. There's a subtle elegance there in that it's fairly easy to come up with heuristics that get a good result, but with a ton of added work and coordination one can improve significantly on the simple heuristics, and there is marginal gains across that entire domain, so that first-order-optimal solutions don't control any of the space.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Actually, based on what Lisa said she was willing to do to make-good on commitments, it wouldn't surprise me if interested bidders are not being asked to shoulder a large burden for sunk costs. Any percent of investment, while retaining good will, is a better deal than zero percent and unhappy customers.
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If suggesting the benefits of clarity and openness endangers what is happening now, I'll happily to wait for the NEXT deal that doesn't feel threatened by clarity and openness.
Oh come on. I mean really?

Honestly, I didn't think this would have to be broken down for you, but I suppose that it does. Use logic in place of paranoia (primitive jealous fear). There are lots of popular MMOs. All of them have Devs, Designers, Owners, GMs, etc… Of all of those people, there is a percentage that play the games that they work for. Part to keep an ear open, eyes on, and closer feel for how their game works. Part because they like the game. How many of these companies divulge their in game toon's names? Not many.

Why not? Lots and lots of reasons and all of them valid, most depending on WHY they play and at least one (very good reason): because it causes problems to be "known". They could write numerous 30 page documents on why they play their own game (why it is essential), but their characters (if known) are thereafter subjected to paranoid delusions of favoritism, unfair advantage, etc… In addition, being known skews terribly their chance to see the game from "Average Joe's" perspective.

There is no inherent right, or entitlement, to know the real identity of anyone that plays any online game or their occupation. Assuming there is, boils down to nothing more than assumed privilege. If you think that there is favoritism, or evil agenda, or whatever stemming from companies playing their own game, and it really bothers you: Move On. I doubt that you will find many MMOs that don't have employees that play their game, but give it a shot.

No matter what they tell us, there will be a percentage that see favoritism and unfair advantage. Why compound that percentage by giving it a target?

Taking a stab here: Lisa told us that at least one member of this company plays PfO for a good reason. Because it leads into the important and valuable concept that this Company LIKES PfO for at least it's goal concepts, just like we do. It is a comfort to know that in uncertain times.

No idea if this new company will feel obligated to list out the DOB, SS#'s, names, etc… of any employees that play, but I hope that they don't. I really do not want to know. I don't want to see favoritism and unfair advantage in everything those characters do in game just because I know their name and where they work. If I feel that is happening for sure, I will just move on.
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This is a competitive MMO , having a group(aka settlement) that is a defacto representative of the development company is not a good idea, not if that group intends to play the territory game that the original vision of the game is suppose to be about.
If the players are anonymous members spread throughout the game taking a pulse on the game , I get your average Joe argument. but if that average Joe is a leader of a settlement or influential company of a settlement.. well he is no longer average Joe is he?
I honestly can say, dont care who it is, and whatever he/she is company CEO or the coffe bringer. All the alternatives has different outcomes, meaning different things, but in the end the only thing that matters is what game they make and hiw fun I will have.

If it turns out that there is a settlement leader, then it probably will affect the game in a major way, and I would see it as that settlement becoming a part of PvE. If they stay secret about it in that case and give themselves ingame advantages, I would just see it as if another twist, like making a dragon invulnerable or something, an obstacle to be avoided and not defeated…

If someone goes public with a devstatus I imagine the game would be unplayable for them, sycophants and detractors would flock to them and make the experience pretty ruined, I guess.
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