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New Player Company membership

We are getting reports of people sitting at the new player spawn spot spamming invites to new players the instant they first login and telling them to type /vcaccept.

That in itself is just bad form and poor gameplay NOT a bug - the new players tend to have no idea what is going on and the game is confusing enough as it is.

However there is also an issue that if the new player does not accept the invite immediately they sometimes get into a broken state where they cannot reject it, cannot apply to anyone else, cannot be invited bu anyone else and cannot even later accept the original invite and then leave.

Presumably this may fix itself over downtime but its bot a good start to the game for any new players.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Thanks for bringing this up man. I ran into this when someone was trying to join Fianna last night who had not applied anywhere else. When they clicked Apply to Join the application never showed up. Thankfully there was a GM (I think it was a GM anyway) on to fix the issue so the new recruit could join us.

I got a question, when ya send a /vcinvite, does the player see it? Does the game tell em how to accept or reject an invite? If not (which I think was the case for the new guy last night), that means people can do invites, the players never know about it, and they get shut out from joining anyone else!

That goes well beyond bad form.
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Update. Apparently the new player can normally decline with a /vcdecline but th egame does not inform of them of th eoptions.

I have mentioned to the company sending the invites they really should talk to the new players before inviting them but the actual point of the post was the way the company recruitmnet process can get "stuck".
I get the diplomatic approach you are taking .. but which company is it?
I want to know because I want to know if I am associated with these folks in which case that needs to stop or I need to move on .. I want to know if im trading with them in which case I am going to stop… etc..
Sending company invites to someone who has not ask for one should result in account deletion.
Garric Orcsbane
I think you should tell us so that we can spend some gold on assassins for that company. smile
Sending company invites to someone who has not ask for one should result in account deletion.

I think a "don't do that" message is likely all that needs to occur. This community is one of the most obedient I've ever seen.

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We just want an excuse for throwing gold at the red scorpions!
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A cute trick that I admit I hadn't thought of. smile

I have encountered interested players that already have sent apps to Non responsive companies on their own (I bet we all have) and each time it has been easily corrected. Either the Company or Bob, have fixed it. Pretty sure that Edam knows the difference.

@ Edam

If you think that you know WHO is doing this, should be obvious, my suggestion is that you simply inform Lisa and/or Bob and ask them to contact the perpetrators with a private warning. On the player side, I hope that company and Settlement leaders will put a stop to it immediately. It isn't going to help us to have witch hunts again and I think that we ALL want to grab the odd increase in new players trying the game, but WE DO NEED TO BE A BETTER COMMUNITY than this points out that we are. So, of course it needs to be stopped, ASAP.
Virtute et Armis
Garric Orcsbane
In order to have witch hunts, GW needs to introduce the Witch class for us to hunt. smile
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