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Mob drops and lag

Today at the Wednesday-Whackadodel I had some problems with lag, nothing strange with that, it happens from time to time. But one thing I noticed was that I didnt get much loot, it may be a case of bad luck, but I wonder if the loot drop can be affected if you are lagging, several of the mobs we killed returned no loot at all, which I feel is strange. I tried to re log on and I got loot from the next kill, but then got a bit of lag trouble and after that there wasnt much candy to drop.

So could lag be the cause, or was it just Murphy playing me?
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Mobs only have a chance of dropping loot, not a guarantee. Many will drop nothing at all. In larger parties, the loot drop rate gets low enough (divided by party size with a small bonus) that it's actually more likely the mob will drop nothing for any given person. Also importantly, if you are in a group, then you must appear on the mini-map of the person who got the killing blow. If you are on the opposite side of the mob, and the person who does the last point of damage can't see you on their min-map at the time, even though you might both be doing damage to the mobe, the server will not consider you for loot.
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Ah … hmmm … then it may be that… didnt look where the other where at the time. I had gotten the impression that it was an increased chance of loot in a party, but now when I think of it I see where I got it wrong!
Schedim: Peddler and dealer in stuff easily transported, restless wandering the land of the River. Trying to find out how to reawaken the cult of Hanspur. To realise this ambition I created the company named Rats of Hanspur.
You can reach me on:
It has been my observation as well that you seem to get les loot when lag is happening.

This is of course is just a personal observation on my part and may as always just be an aritifact based on random fluctuations.
One thing that has come up for me in the last week or so..
I have been fighting dark elves.. they have their version of goblin bombers.. they do AE damage and hit their buddies with their effects..If that damage is the last damage the mob takes you don’t get credit for the kill, or any chance at loot..
Not sure if an afflicted/ bleeding etc conditions count as killing blow if the mob has conditions from a player and a mob… Just something to look into for folks that like testing things out..
I played with the math a bit last night. It's actually slightly more likely that nobody in a group gets a drop than if a single character solo-killed the mob. The increased expected rate is made up by the small chance that more than one character gets a drop from a given kill.

The odds of you getting each thing from a mob are drop to (.95+.05n)/n of your initial chance to get it, where n is the total number of people in your party.
We have seen more than seems coincidental, that when one person gets something like a T2 recipe, it isn't uncommon for others in the party to get one also. Not end bosses. Makes me wonder if there isn't some kind of "party" roll or common results when there are lots of equal chances, in certain situations.
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I hesitate to advance the hypothesis that the RNG is biased towards clustering, but many commonly used PRNGs have flaws where successive values cluster. If rolls are being made at even slightly different times then intervening rolls would probably obliterate any small clustering effect, but where rolls are queued by the same event it seems likely that they would be executed serially without interruption or possibly even simultaneously (depending on things deeper than I can guess).

Tracking down whether the problems that exist with the RNG would be visible in the output is probably hard, and if it wasn't for reports of enough unlikely events happening in close coordination with each other I wouldn't suggest it, but if people are reporting that zero and three recipe drops in a group of six are more common than one or two drops, I have to suspect something.

Wither possibility that would explain that kind of behavior would be that mobs that aren't being differentiated by players have significantly different drop tables.
OK the following are common "Observations" that may or may not stand up to statistical analysis if we had access to actual game logs of loot dropped:

  1. Training knowledge to level 10 or above seems to result in less loot but more coin
  2. If one person in the party gets a good drop everyone seems to (even if its not a high level mob)
  3. The last mob killed in some quest events give a good drop for everyone (even if its not a high level mob)
  4. playing with lag (as well as making it hard to jump tricky places and getting you killed more) seems to drop less loot
  5. getting a long sequence of 20 or 30 kills with absolutely no loot or coin at all appears fixable by rebooting
Some or all of the above may be just the RND gods playing mind games with us. Some may actually be genuine anomalies in the code.
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