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twice marked of pharasma

What is twice marked of pharasma and what does it mean to my account(s)?
Currently it does nothing, but when implemented IIRC it was supposed to give some advantage to ressurection…
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They have not indicated what it will do. there has been lots of speculation.
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It's a perk from the second Kickstarter. No you can't add it to your account anymore. No plan has ever been revealed what the second mark means for characters (the first mark is what shows you keep ressurecting instead of staying dead) and I give even money GoblinWorks never had a plan for it either. Obviously nothing that gives a combat or economic advantage.

Speculation included anything from some convenience in resurrection to a vague special situation regarding undead.

All I know is both my characters have tattoos all over and i hope the new company doesn't forget to get bust with those two extra divine marks. I vote for some strange relationship with undead.
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Yeah, there was a lot of speculation that it might tie into threading and potentially give extra shrine choices without costing threads - however it was JUST speculation and nothing official was ever said about it.

Chances are from the dev point of view they actually never really have given it much thought and have no idea themselves. maybe we should crowdforge it.
I had thought that the strongest speculation and talk (players and GW) was that they would be able to construct forward spawn shrines like for a siege situation and the surrounding hexes.
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In February just as the second kickstarter ended I asked Ryan in person what it was supposed to do and his answer almost word for word was "I have no idea, but we will think of something".

I hope they still plan to do something with it for those who purchased it, but until then there are alot of speculations on what it might have become.
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