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Name changes

Say I join a group I work my way up I steal everything. Then I just change my name and take all my loot and my character is still playable with out that social stigma. That will be what happens. Say someone wants to run around killing people randomly all the time. They do it for a while ppl start to KOS them, they change their name and start over with a character with the exact same power level. Yes I could accomplish all these things with alts but having my main character be able to get away with them and not having to take a hit to my power level makes these things way more attractive.

By all means if you want to enable griefers let this be a thing.

The convo was starting to clutter up another thread so I moved it here.
This only becomes a griefing tactic if you let people do it at will or for very little cost with no oversight on it. But, by all means - I'm oh so happy to drop the suggestion just because the all-mighty Phyllain doesn't like it.
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So you would be fine with Xycor chaning his mains name joining PFU becoming a professor and then burning down all your stuff and robbing you?
Any reason he can't do that with an alt? Also who is giving that sort of security permissions right away?
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Name changes would be fine providing there is an obvious public history of previous names/identities/companies for the character.

Then the onus is on the potential victim to be diligent.

The previous names would have to be really obvious even to new players though. A previous employment history (EVE style) is necessary so company leaders can contact former companies for references. This feature is needed even without name changes.
eh, I'm with Phy on this. And if your going to track names, why even change a name? I know this was originally brought up for when accounts change hands, but if you can see who previously owned the account, you will still treat that account as if the previous person (before the namechange) own'd it, becuase nothing else says otherwise. Name changes are a horrible thing in a sandbox…
And again how is such a thing not easily circumvented by an alt?

If I recall EvE has all sorts of ways to determine things about an account and yet they still have this sort of thing happen all the time, what exactly is allowing 1 name change a year gonna do?
By strength of arms and cunning minds, long live Fianna!
Just because its "easy" to do one way doesn't mean we should just make it easy every way.

Well, if you notice the alt doesnt train..dont trust it, ever. if it is training, and it happens, then that character has that stigma with them forever. If you want to keep burning money on alts to keep doing this. Money is the biggest way around rules, But why make it was for them via name changes. I see WAY more harm coming from name changes then good.
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I agree with Phyllain and Tigari on this one. Name changes should not be added at all. I also think that a record of which companies someone has belonged to would be good, similar to EVE Online, maybe explained through some sort of divination spell cast by an NPC in your settlement or something.
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