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Cash Shop Mule


I hate this idea .. why take something from another role? You don’t want to stock up on mules? Or worry about transporting a bunch of saddle bags to a town you may have to move stuff back and forth from.?

Super against any item that reduces the effectiveness of another role, this one being a LW crafter..

I cant stand the small holdings either.. .. they get placed in hexes .. if you get something halfway valuable it goes directly in there ( couple min run at most..) . If you get attacked.. you can log and come back in what? 5 -7 days and then carry it to safety when not under fire.. meanwhile the items in the holding just sit there and no one but the owner can get to them…
Those things need guards like regular holdings, and after those guards are dead for an hour anyone should be able to loot those things .. just my opinion..
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Those things need guards like regular holdings, and after those guards are dead for an hour anyone should be able to loot those things .. just my opinion..
It's coming (like everything else). They probably shouldn't have sold them before they were lootable, but hardly surprising with the cash-flow they experienced.
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An unlimited or cooldown-limited supply of mules is not a fair cash shop item.

Something somewhat inferior to a mule might be fair, but only at a price that would draw lots of hate.
I chime in to the folks who think this would be a bad idea

a) There is a slippery slope down to pay to win.
b) This is one of the few existing resource drains that exist in this game. One of the few consumables that actually gets used
c) You are asking for a premium item - I would have to ask for > 10 silver pieces for such an item (T2, armoured, +3) - I personally use cheaper (worse) ones as one off
d) As said before - you would take away business from others - Schedim was the premier EL saddlebag seller for example
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
I'm pretty sure the phrase you're looking for is "with," not "to," Thod. The "to" indicates you intend to respond against those who think it's a bad idea, rather than supporting them.
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