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Does equipment drop at all?

Sorry for all the questions…I am a guild leader, we have 41 members and are looking for a new game….so before everyone buys in I am just trying to get the jist of the game smile

We like questions. Check out if we have similar play styles, we'll help your group get a settlement, if that interests you. smile

ok…our website is
Thank you for your help….
Lisa Stevens
Thornkeep is ok for new players.

There is a full compliment of all tier 1 gear available in the Thornkeep auction house as well as some tier 2 gear. The player settlements tend to see a much more full selection of tier 2 gear because Thornkeep is geared mostly towards new players.

Welcome to the game!

Quijenoth Starkiller
yup all equipment is crafted - you get materials, recipes, expendables and coin as drops.

So it is primarily a PVP game with little PVE then….No dungeons raids etc.

Mostly PVE actually. We strive to get the T3 recipes right now. PVP has been picking back up again though.

Edit: I should add, yes it is/was designed as primarily PVP with better PVE in the future.
Virtute et Armis
@ Xateric

From the looks of your Guild Site, you guys are already a cohesive group that puts lots of energy into your gaming. Your site is…. awesome. smile

I suggest, if you are checking out the game, that you do so in a friendly, active, established group. You will see MORE of the different gems the game has to offer. Unpolished but definitely there. Playing solo is always fun in a new game, but this game makes it a real challenge. There are many groups that would love to show you around. We fight and argue often but this is probably the best game community I have ever seen concerning helping new players.
Virtute et Armis
Gear used to drop but with auto-loot it was really annoying to be running away from a huge mob and kill one while kiting only to suddenly slow to a crawl beause heavy armor appeared in your inventory. Also … it was kinda killing the craft economy.

Genuine PvP for meaningful reasons is starting to pick up. The PvP early game was mainly for contrived political reaons just to give people an excuse to pvP that is changing quite quickly.
Welcome to PFO from the Emerald Lodge - it is a game that needs a little bit to get used to smile

About Auction Houses - as said before - Thornkeep should offer most basics. I try to have as much uncommon stuff available at Emerald Lodge as possible. This includes a nearly complete selection of T1 recipes and most Tier 2 items (this is what you want after approx. 1 month of gaming).
I also have some refined materials available - and you can always ask if something is missing. More importantly maybe for a larger new group - I buy nearly everything. You PvP some monsters and have 20 recipes of which you only need 3 - sell the rest at our AH - I try to have bids up.
You have salvaged loot and it just clocks up your vault - make some coin out of it. Off course there are more and less efficient ways to make money. As a starter not all will be efficient.

What else - as a group you want to get used to the politics. Emerald Lodge is a neutral settlement. We keep out of PvE. Some of it is historical (sandwiched between good and evil this seemed the best way to survive and stay independent). Some of it is by design.
The whole game has a very welcoming community - but once you ally yourself with a settlement you will find out grudges going back a year - so be aware of them before committing yourself. As a start I would stay with an established settlement until you can go alone.
Thod/Theodum are the OOC/IC leaders of the Emerald Lodge - a neutral settlement in the center of the mal that tries to the first to explore the Emerald Spire - should that part of the game ever become available. We have a strong in game and out of game relationship with the Pathfinder Society.
We welcome both hard core players as well as casual players with or without tabletop experience. We have a strong group in Europe and are slowly expanding into the US. We are predominately PvE as our neutral political stance means that we tend to use PvP only in self-defence. We are not anti-PVP - but expect limited PvP opportunity with us.
Welcome to PFO Xateric and SYDRIUS

You can ask questions in general, or even hope onto the public mumble ( port 3093)

You can look into the various powerblocks and settlements and find out which group fits you best.

The High Road Covenant (HRC) can also answer your questions at which also serves as a trade hub for HRC, Dominion and Forgeholm.
You can also check out Blackwood Glade / Hammerfall / Brighthaven alliance if your interested.
HpoD - "I have, however, sat and watched as others took things more personally (on both sides) and became zealots, charging forward on a shining white horse into a pile of shit. Forum Warriors at their peak, striding the battlefield knee deep in the bloody, broken arguments of their adversaries before the burning village of their credibility….Chill guys. "
Bringslite mentioned helping get you your own settlement. If you can actually bring 41 players, you might get universal cooperation from multiple settlements and power blocs (even from people who prefer to fight each other) in helping you take an inactive settlement. I can't think of anyone here who wouldn't like to see a sizable new guild added to the mix. We fight and bicker, but we all love the game and we love new people (until you're no longer new and have joined the fighting and bickering, LOL).

If not many of your guild are coming to PFO, though, forming a company that bases out of Thornkeep for a month or two or joining University Commons for your first 90 days or joining an established settlement may be a better idea.

The problem with joining many established settlements is that many of them bicker with other settlements or are in power blocs that bicker with other power blocs and you'll find yourself having to take sides sooner (and it is really inconvenient to move all your stuff if you decide the people you joined are the jerks).

Thornkeep is where you start, so basing out of there for a month or two makes sense until you know who is who.

University Commons is pretty close to Thornkeep, and is meant to help new players get acclimated. Being in University Commons has also historically been a tag that gets you left alone, even by bandits. No guarantees, though… people are getting more and more territorial and feisty about it these days.

While people on each edge of the map are going to hate me for it, I'd also suggest giving extra attention to joining a centrally placed settlement. Callambea, Aragon and Emerald Lodge come to mind. Those settlements also have a lot of the easier monsters around them to get started on PvE. Edges and corners of the map can be insular. Some consider that an advantage and have picked such locations on purpose, but edges and corners can be inconvenient when some resource/escalation you want is on the other edge of the map. I'm in Kreuz Bernstein and though it isn't all the way on the edge there are times I wish I was more centrally located. Callambea is part of a power bloc, but kind of does their own thing; it's hard to explain. Emerald Lodge is about as neutral as you can get and still be in an established settlement; as far as I'm aware they are in no power bloc and have no enemy.

Golgotha is central, but focuses mainly on PvP, and their mountaintop plateau isn't that easy to get onto and contains tough monsters if you are beginners. In addition, Golgotha (like my own settlement, Kreuz Bernstein) haven't even chosen to place settlement structures yet. Don't let their PvP focus fool you though, every settlement has to do a certain amount of PvE just to keep up with the Joneses on shiny equipment, etc. Golgothans have done thousands of hours of PvE.

As a Forever War veteran I am far from a neutral observer, but I've tried to keep the above advice fair. The central versus edge/corner advice is admittedly biased by what *I* prefer, but you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of central/edge/corner geography… and now that I've broached that subject, rest assured you'll get mountains of additional advice/opinions to consider on that topic.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
The whole game has a very welcoming community - but once you ally yourself with a settlement you will find out grudges going back a year - so be aware of them before committing yourself. As a start I would stay with an established settlement until you can go alone.

The first rule of the Forever War is don't talk about the Forever War. smile

Thod's got a serious point, though. If you want in on longstanding grudges, just whisper Tigari and tell him you want in on the Forever War. Or whisper Decius Brutus, for the other side of that war.

There are also other blocs starting to get feisty about their territorial claims being disrespected by other PvE'ers.

As the song goes… everybody wants to rule the world.

BTW, I think Thod meant Emerald Lodge keeps out of PvP. PvE was surely a typo.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
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