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Give strip harvested hexes a chance of regrowth

Duffy Swiftshadow
Eh, our particular resource problem has more to do with the T1 & T2 than the T3, sure they might be stripping for the T3 but it's also our only reliable local source of certain T1 & T2. I find that far more irksome than the T3 getting stripped.

Rep free PvP doesn't do us much good if we have no reliable way to catch the culprits (may improve with more population), and to be blunt, rep has yet to stop me from following through on such things anyways. Rep status is only a concern every few weeks in my combat character's life. It's a slight inconvenience at worse.
I still see this as working as intended even with T1 and T2 ..

If a group wants to keep a iron hex really low because it is one of the few sources of iron near you..
Some possible motivations of the group doing the mining.. all of these feel like they should be allowed and supported ways to play.. without mechanical systems that disallow these choices.
1. They could be selling iron gotten from other areas of the map in your auction houses.. if your supply is low your buying price is higher ..
2. Bandits are keeping it low and patrolling your lands in hopes of catching your caravans and gatherers having to move a longer way to get the iron. Or they know you are going to contract a iron mule supply and they are going to intercept it, or they are the ones that are bringing the iron on the mule etc ..
Your desire to completely control the gathering in your hex.. forces folks who are making choices like those null. I feel that is wrong..
If my actions can manipulate what you have to do.. maybe I can take advantage of that .. maybe ..
It would be hard as I would have to see what your tendencies are when your iron supply is low.. I would have to spy on gatherers to see where they go.. then set up some ambushes ..My point is making your T1 and T2 resources exclusive for you and your settlement is affecting what should be valid play choices for others..
Is patrolling those places boring.. sure but no more boring than what the players wanting to try to manipulate your actions are going to do…
If you only have one source, you have no sources.
If there were tools to find gatherers then even if policing alone really would work I'd have to trash my rep daily for it to do any good. At some point I'm going to care that my characters can't train. I don't think gatherers care if they're being sent to a rez shrine and losing a few goods when the alternative is to not gather at all in that area.

Another deterrent is threatening to burn down holdings, but that assumes the gatherer is attached to a settlement that cares about holdings and bulk resources more than the status of crafting resources on the map. This activity requires burning influence which makes PvE already potentially tied to gathering in a round about way.

If a gatherer wants to strip a hex he can because the system allows him to. GW could either make it more difficult to strip (thereby increasing resources to the point where nobody cares) or they can more directly tie gathering to PvE activities and/or holding control.
Duffy Swiftshadow
I'm not arguing the validity at all, that's all fine and what not, all part of the game. It's just very easy to do without getting caught unless folks are willing to stand around 23/7 in a few hexes. Currently it's at least focused enough into things like Meteor Hexes, but as our example has shown it barely helps.

Maybe population and a resource jump will fix it, but one of my thoughts is the opposite could become true, with an increase in resources per hex strip mining might be implausible as a tactic.

Edit: Riffing on something Takasi said: some sort of Divination or Tracking mechanic could go a long way towards making things more interesting and interactive compared to standing around and hoping someone runs into you.
It's very easy to do even if you get "caught" repeatedly. They're going to get the resources they're after before I get my rep back. And if they already have the resources they want and they're just stripping to deprive me of gathering then PKing is meaningless. They will keep coming back naked even if they know I'm in hex waiting for them.

Another alternative to more directly tie PvE to gathering is to make T2+ gathering only possible if you have victory markers (or an item made from victory markers) in your inventory. Or only allow naked gathering in shield hexes. This would make the threat of being PK'd have more teeth.
Guess I still see the flip side of the coin for people doing this .. running from hex to hex and gathering and trashing the stuff you find that weighs 2 lbs each.. that sounds like an awfully boring way to spend your play time.. Yet this is a topic.. so someone has found enjoyment doing so .. whatever their reasons are is for them to say ..
The watch tower things sounds cool I guess.. place it like a camp.. power it with bulk resources… but it has to have a way to be taken off line by gatherers. No fighting skills for them so something like the stuck command .. stand here use command to take it down wait 10 minutes .. company that owns the tower gets a warning..
Would like the idea of using bulk resources to power it. At least one an hour or something keeps people from stocking it up with weeks/months worth.. because the gather gets whatever is in it after the 10 minutes..
Managing a watchtower sounds like the current holdings. I'd love to see holding logs that show who has been gathering in a hex and in what quantities. Maybe tie the level of the holding with the size of a window of when you can record activity. I'd prefer that the holding actually impose a gathering window instead though. Either way this would only currently help with hexes where holdings can be placed and not badland, shield or escalation hexes.

It would be neat to see escalation hexes available for holding placement during fallow times only, with the caveat that an escalation appearance immediately tears down all holdings and outposts. The frequent tear downs would make the influence required to control or monitor the gathering window in T3 escalation hexes much more substantial over time than wilderness holdings.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Temporary (compared to other buildings) or specific one use 'camp' style buildings that use Bulk resources could be a nice Bulk Resource sink without getting directly into holding/control territory.
There still needs to be a way for groups fighting over control of the hex to compete for placement/teardown even if it's a temporary structure.

Unless you just add a new feature to camps since they aren't really used often right now. Place a camp, extend the duration to server down, and get a log for who enters/gathers/turns red/fights within the local channel of the camp. If you want to control the whole hex you'd have to place multiple camps. Put guards in the camp, and when the guards are killed the camp is destroyed but give a log showing who killed the guards.
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