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Give strip harvested hexes a chance of regrowth

hadnt thought much of destroying it ..

Are asking as if you are an attacker and trying to completely remove it ? ( aka claiming the hex for yourself..)

I Figure you claim the hex once you stock the camp/tower with resources .. if you fail to stock it, or it runs out of resources it decays and destroys itself if empty for __ time..

If it is empty anyone should be able to claim it by stocking it themselves.. effectively taking control of it from the other group.
Does this mean they person standing there can put the resources back after a cool down and claim the hex? sure if they want to … that could get interesting, could create conflict .. but the ownership should be visible to anyone trying to gather in the hex and that defeats the stealth aspect of a strip mining operation unto itself.

i guess with thinking of outpost and holdings and the +1 - +5 - each time it runs out of resources it could degrade by a -1 and -1 it is destroyed .. that would work as well and once again that code already exist in some capacity ..
Duffy Swiftshadow
Just for clarity (not that it matters really).

Opposed to:

#1. Perfect Information.
#2. Mechanically being unable to Harvest any node for any reason except it's empty or the pool is low and I have to try another.
#3. Total Ownership of Monster Hexes that allow #1 or #2.

Duffy Swiftshadow
Just cause it's funny to share, now both meteor hexes are strip mined near us.
Instead of increasing available amounts (inflation) why not make it more and more difficult to get materials as the available amounts decrease?

There are plenty of games in which a gatherer hits a node, does the motions and gets told "you find nothing worth taking in this spot"
What we get is proportional to the percentage of the resource present in the hex. So if, for some reason there is 1% of the initial value of iron and 100% of the initial value of cola the chance of getting coal is 100 times that of getting iron.

If you are speaking of getting nothing for a node by some formula like current value/initial value*sill level = % chance of finding something from a node, I doubt that making gathering frustrating will increase player retention. And people with high skill levels will still be able to reduce hexes to a level that make them unusable by other characters.
If you remove the skill part it will be even more frustrating.

Thinking about it, it you keep the skill part this kind of thing will become even more easy to do.
A guy with a minimal skill (for the tier of resource you are trying to get) will be unable to harvester a hex after a few attempts. A guy with an higher skill will be able to reduce the available resources way further and still get something.
At that point a player with a high skill level would find useful to keep it that way. He (and the other guys with his skill level) will be able to harvest a decent quantity of material, while denying it to other, less skillful people.
It would be a way to give a big edge to veteran players. I don't know how many new players will be willing to train gathering skills, knowing that they will be of little sue until they get the same levels in it of players that have trained for a year.

Seems like a company should be able to bank 20 influence to keep a running grudge on a single character .. ( side note .. how many would tigari have ??..)

Oh yes, let's add a "harass a player until he leaves" mechanic.
No, thanks!
@Takasi - just trying to make sure I understand. But your saying in the scenario (currently happening or not), a naked person enters a hex and stripmines everything they can, and then destroys it so even if killed, the territory controlling company gets nothing? And the gatherer has no loss, because he's naked and not there for the materials? I know earlier I've said to talk to their settlement, if that doesn't work than burn some holdings, but since though: the HRC is in a special place regarding this. They sit on the largest deposit of the most valuable T1 resource: Coal. Anyone can create a 1k unaffiliated alt, and do this. It's harder to do this with T2, and impossible with T3 ( and for these situations, see the the burning of holdings).

I think small minimal tasks should be able to be done via 1k alt, but something as big as strip mining should not be viable on one. As to HOW to stop it, I still don't like gathering windows, and as takasi mentioned, knowing the persons name doesn't matter. So how about making the ability to gather lower grade materials require higher training? It gets harder to gather it the lower the quality. Make the lowest grade of only gatherable at level 10 training ( requiring a settlement, for holdings to be burnt).
I like controlling windows but I can see how some people refuse to accept restrictions on playtime, even if the map is big enough to go to or fight for a spot to set a time that suites you better.

It doesn't really matter if it's T1 or T3; if a group or individual doesn't care about bulk resources then he has nothing on the line if he wants to strip. A new player, especially a griefer, could care less about whether his settlement has level 9 or level 20 support.

I think naked gathering should only be possible in shield hexes (to allow at least T1 gear harvesting). If they want to make it more complicated they could require a deed crafted from 'something' (victory markers would be good, you can always farm them around Thornkeep). They could also add and require dowsing wands, picks and shovels.

In any event there should be some satisfaction to killing a strip miner. Even if it's as small as one durability on their gear at least it's something.
Why not simply make all mechanics outside of the thornleep area require more than what a 1k alt can achieve, I dunno, by setting a total xp spent gate at say 3000 xp on all level 2 feats
That's fine too Quijenoth but it's not enough by itself. We are killing naked strip miners who are clearly not 1K alts based on their husks.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Quick question Takasi, just cause I might have lost it in the thread: Are you saying you have seen or currently have seen naked strip miners or we still talking theoretical?

(Not that it invalidates anything just curious if someone is already employing this tactic)
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