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As Promised

Does killing the Ustie boss actually give anything useful or just a few t2 Manouvres and a victory token or two ?

I assume people are killing them off to increase the trade value of their own T3 stuff by limiting the supply.

Seems like something was said about at least one (for sure) T3 drop from the big boss. I doubt these were killed for that reason. More likely someone wanted one closer to home or a poke for fun from sheer boredom.
Virtute et Armis
I saw in the patch notes that escalation bosses had gotten a 600% chance of a recipe drop. I assumed that everybody had already tested Champions for drop rates.
I'm guessing it was the ghost of Red Five that slew the champions :0
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. More likely someone wanted one closer to home or a poke for fun from sheer boredom.
That is a long shot, it is more likely the escalations will sit in the pool for a week or two before re-appearing. Never know your luck I suppose.
Hobson Fiffledown
Yay! Congrats to the group who finally killed it. I hope you got mad loots!

Now just imagine if people started fighting over resources; What a wonderful world it would be.

Sure, maybe this single escalation is the only resource in the game worth fighting over, but it's a start.

No secret here - I've never been a fan of server-wide collusion and risk-free PvE farming.
This space for rent.
I think long term that the group doing this was doing a favour to the game as this is more like it is supposed to be. I'm not saying I'm not guilty myself - I've been farming Usties a lot over the last week in the swamp.

But it is an anomaly. I still recall when we killed off our own escalation near us because
a) players didn't knew what they were doing
b) I didn't expect it would last for long
c) we had not the manpower to 'protect' the escalation

To my knowledge that was the last Ustie escalation that got killed before yesterday. I'm already sending someone to the last known one to see if that is still alive. And maybe it is time to clear out hexes close to us in the hope Usties will appear there.

The 600% drop chance - I think this is for recipes or manoeuvres but not necessarily T3. So possibly 2 rolls are involved. But I could be wrong and I think we killed off our Usties before the changes went in. I recall it was disappointing what we got.

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