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[NA] Pandorum Gaming | Seeks Leader for Pathfinder


We are Pandorum Gaming, a multi-gaming community founded in 2012 based on the idea of "Equality For All Gamers" we strive to give every gamer an opportunity to be part of a helpful environment and reach their gaming goals together!

We are seeking an existing group or someone dedicated enough to handle our Pathfinder Division.

If interested contact me directly @
Hi ripteh1337,

Can you tell us about Pandorum Gaming, what kind of playstyle you want (PVP,PVE, Mixed, etc…smile? let's see if we can't find you the right group.
Virtute et Armis
I did a quick search and came up with this: Pandorum Gaming
"Circles of power, gathered by EARTH, welcomed by GOLD, in strife and in mirth. Focused by CRYSTAL, guided by LIGHT, showing the way, by day and by night. wrought in IRON, strengthened by STEEL, together we stand, in wrack and in weal. Hidden in SHADOW, explored by WOOD, we circle together, for the greater good." –Maxikyd–
Here is the reply that I received to an email. It explains things a bit better and looks like a great opportunity for any group that needs a site and some possible new friends:


We are looking for someone to bring their 'guild' into the community and continue to run their Pathfinder guild in the way they wish. More than anything else we are seeking to have an outfit for our general community members to play Pathfinder is they wish.

We would want your guild to use our website and sub forums to communicate along with taking advantage of our teamspeak. You get to keep full control along with the name of your guild but you get to be part of a larger community of gamers to communicate with and play other games with if you so choose down the line.

If this still interests you in anyway feel free to reply back and i am 100% here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Thanks for your reply!

Jorge 'Rippus' De La Cruz

Co-Founder of Pandorum Gaming"
Virtute et Armis
Duffy Swiftshadow
Got the same reply verbatim, looks like they're primarily interested in absorbing an existing entity. Not sure if they have anyone currently interested in playing.
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