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I'm New!

Hey guys! I checked out this game some time ago. It was not available to the public at that time, or was through pledges and during certain testing phases.

I was going through my journal of games to keep an eye on and landed here. The game is installing now and I'm looking forward to jumping on tonight and gaming it up awhile.

I will also like to join a friendly guild that has voice communications. I may be new to the game but I am a veteran mmo gamer (since 1995/96 with Meridian 59). Warning, I may ask some questions. smile I do read and research the game I am involved in though (that's half the fun to me)!

Hope to see you ingame and look forward to working with and gaming with a great active community!

Caldeathe Baequiannia
There are lots of friendly guilds of anything from Good to Evil in game. For the largest, most active groups, on the evil side, Xeilan Empire, on the not-quite-so-evil-but still some evil side is the Aeonian League, and on the pretty-much-good-but-slip-now-and-then side you have you have your choice of the Brighthaven sphere of communities in the South East, the Dominion in the north, and the HRC (my alliance) in the West-North-West.

There are also several other small but vital independant groups. Pathfinder University aims to help new players get started, though they are not currently quite as active and organized as they are other times. They, along with the HRC and some of the other small groups all share a mumble server at port 3093 (if you have Mumble properly configured, browsing to should get you here. (I confess, other than me it's pretty much deserted this evening.
To reach me, email
Welcome Asmadi!

Nice to see enthusiasm like this. smile
Virtute et Armis
Alright, I'm jumping on in 10-15min. I had already checked out your website earlier from another thread.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Sorry if I missed you. That was 18:00 my time, and immediately after posting I got wife-supper agro.
To reach me, email
Non gaming partners are the curse of the gaming classes.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Welcome to the game! Don't hesitate to ask questions in general chat or hop in different group's voice comms to get a feel for the game and what's going on. Couple of us hang out in the public Golarion mumble and will answer any questions you may have.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Ladies and Gentlemen let the Recruitment Games begin! smile

Ok so brief background info, Paddy Fitzpatrick, leader of the noble warriors of Fianna, part of the independent settlement of Aragon, CN, etc…

We tend to hang in the Golarion Mumble alongside some of the other guys but we got our own teamspeak chats too.

Oh yeah, and as much as all of us love to have ya in our respective groups don't feel pressured to commit to one group right away. We are all here to help, and my advice, take your time and shop around. smile

Ya never know what ya turn out to be into in this game till ya try it.
Paddy Fitzpatrick - Rí Ruírec of Fianna, roaming bands of noble warriors!
Member of Aragon Alliance and home of bandits, privateers, and anyone looking to get away from the shackles of law.
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Hey guys, thanks for the responses! I played last night for about 5h. Well… more like stood around and talked in Mumble with Kenton Stone for 5h haha. He sat on Mumble and explained a ton of the game's mechanics to me. Information overload! Was extremely helpful though.

I'm really looking forward to getting T2 and running some escalations with you guys. He also told me about the investor talks going on and the future of the game. I must say I am less than 24h old and already feel a pit about the possibility of the game never going anywhere. I'm not a religious person but I am praying the investor talks go well and this game gains momentum and some more PR work is done to get more people playing.

I was a GM in 3 mmo's over a 6 year period. Two of the games where very popular in their day. One of which failed after 2 years. During my work in that game I managed a grass roots marketing group for the game that was successful. Maybe if investor talks go well at some point down the road I can talk with Goblinworks and/or Paizo about this type of marketing campaign and get others who are playing involved.

I'm already thinking about the future of this game. smile

My ingame name is "Asmadi" btw. Cya ingame! smile
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