This may be too early to ask, but I was curious if Goblinworks / New Corps will have a room at Paizocon this year like in the past.

On another note - would those who are attending be interested in a small get together?

I know there will be a few of us from Keepers Pass attending again and (like in the past) this is a nice opportunity to put a face to text and mingle with others in the PFO community.

Thoughts? Ideas?
"Circles of power, gathered by EARTH, welcomed by GOLD, in strife and in mirth. Focused by CRYSTAL, guided by LIGHT, showing the way, by day and by night. wrought in IRON, strengthened by STEEL, together we stand, in wrack and in weal. Hidden in SHADOW, explored by WOOD, we circle together, for the greater good." –Maxikyd–