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skeleton enthusiast, new to game!

So I just discovered this game yesterday and I am really excited for the potential i see in it. Fantasy sandbox mmo with a player driven economy and settlements? Holy crap I didn't even know that got me hot-and-bothered until I read it!

Something else that gets my motor going is skeletons. Specifically, I like being a necromancer, and barring that, some kind of summoner class (like warlock in WoW, even when such a choice felt masochistic). From what I can gather, despite their being a necromancy school of magic, wizards in this game don't have a spell to summon/reanimate skeletons. I was wondering if anybody knew if that kind of minion summoning would ever be implemented? If not, I may be more inclined to play something other than a wizard. After all, a skeleton-less necromancer is a sad necromancer.
Duffy Swiftshadow
First off Welcome!

As you have deduced currently there are no summoning or pet based feats at this time, however both are supposed to eventually be added to the game. Something else to keep in mind (though it may not be a mechanical concern for awhile yet) alignment is supposed to be a restriction and tangible mechanic, necromancers fall under the Evil spectrum so you'll eventually want to find an Evil or Evil adjacent settlement that is going to support your role.
Thanks for the quick reply, and the welcome!

That makes sense about the alignment mechanic. I noticed that settlements were aligned, but I had figured it was more of a roleplaying/PVP constraint. Good to know that it will eventually be binding. I was planning on being NE or LE anyway smile
Duffy Swiftshadow
That'll work out nicely then!

If you have any questions about the game don't hesitate to ask here, general chat in-game, or contact me via any methods in my signature below. Once you get your bearings on how the game works I would recommend starting to look for a long-term home, the game is a lot better if you're playing with other people and get into one of the sub communities. Mechanically speaking you'll need to move onto a player settlement in about a month if you want to train Tier 2 stuff.
So you want to be a necromancer you say? EoX is a great place for any necromancer starting off to play. Come join us over at .
Welcome pizzadragon! Right now, things are a bit in flux in PFO, and development is generally on hold. But the short version good news is that there is a likely investment/sale of PFO to with a new company, and we have high hopes it will be with someone who will follow through with stuff like "being an evil necromancer."
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