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Who is Still REALLY trying?

We see new Free Trial players everyday. A certain percentage fit well for attempting recruitment into The Dominion of The Northern Marches, and some not so much. I have a vested interest in seeing the Whole population increase and new players ending up with groups that have and will put forth the effort to get them acclimated, geared, and spark the interests that will retain them. More than a few times however, players referred to groups go DAYS without anyone noticing they have applied. In many cases, if they do get accepted and in, there is no one that wants to bother teaching them the basics or spending the time/effort to help them. Sometimes, I have been told "We are not really set up to handle new players. Why don't you go ahead and help them." That is fine, but there are some that DO want a crack at new players.

WHO ARE YOU? Tell me here and if a player seems a better fit for your group, I will refer them to you.
Virtute et Armis
Duffy Swiftshadow
We're still active daily in our corner, got a few people to a group+ playing every weeknight (weekends are actually our low turn out times right now) and plenty of crafting/economics going around to support ourselves, new players, and any visitors. Got a mumble server we hang out in too, even sometimes if we're not even playing at the moment. I would like to spend more time hanging around TK and the starting areas, but we're generally active enough that if I'm on I'm off doing something else that's needed.

We're still here and not going anywhere.

One problem with applications is how easy they are to miss, I honestly don't check them very often.
Keepers of the Circle (Keeper's Pass) still has active players. There is usually a handful on every night though more often than not our Australian group is the more active among us and may not be on during US prime times.

I am guilty of not regularly checking for new applicants in my company - I will make sure to check more often.

We do still get new players in our settlement though it has been a few weeks since our last recruit. We try to treat our new members well - giving them free equipment and recipes to get a their feet on the ground. We also provide them with as much knowledge of the game as we can give (hopefully not too overwhelming). I also take new players out to see the fanes and kill low level mobs to help them get a feel for the game.

We have a teamspeak and a guild launch site with helpful information. One of our requirements we ask of our new members is to apply to to get to know us a bit before we promote them to full membership.
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Thanks Guys!
Virtute et Armis
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Now Brings you know Aragon has been trying. There is a reason Aragonian Council hangs out in Golarion Mumble mostly and that I am kinds directing Fianna to do the same for day to day PFO stuff.
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What Duffy said. Halo of Flies would love to have some new members.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Similar to Paddy. Most of the time when I'm in the Golarion mumble, I'm not even playing, just hanging around logged in to general chat while I do other things, in case anyone has a question.
To reach me, email
Great! I have (previously) recommended most all of you guys. I will do the same going forward.

I just want to be sure (as much as is realistic) that there will be someone there if they try you.
Virtute et Armis
As Huran has said Keepers are still taking on any new recruits that find us and apply and we are supporting them. In particular if new recruits ask questions or for help on our forums they will get a fairly quick response.

That said, we are not actively out there tracking down people to recruit as our currently active population are spread across time zones and are often half way across the map gathering/fighting or mule running bulks rather than just standing around in KP. For that reason, at this time of low population, we prefer to wait and see who approaches us rather than proactively approach new players.
Brighthaven alliance is active and ask that potential recruits join us on mumble prior to applying to one of our settlements.

Same approach as KP at the moment until we get solid investor news.
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