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Who is Still REALLY trying?

Are the pdf guides still linked in the patcher? I thought I seen them last time I used it but it seems most new players either don't know or don't bother to read them. I can't help but think a large part of the issues Cogswerth experienced could have been avoided had he read those guides.

I agree the tutorial system needs a HUGE improvement, but until then is there a way to make those guides a bit more noticeable? They are what I used when I first started and were a big help.

Edit: I just re read his post and seen he did eventually read the guide looking for the buckler information. How hard are they to update? May not be much, but maybe a little more helpful for newer players?
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@ Cogsworth

Pretty good write up. Info that GW can collate with other opinions to figure out how to improve things. Looks like you gave it a fair shot, but I can plainly see from your first few paragraphs that you would not really like it. Your expectations are for a certain flavor that isn't and can't be served by any company except the owners of D&D(Hasbro?). The Open Gaming License that makes PFRPG possible does not extend to computer games.

Choosing to market this as "Pathfinder Online" without a much larger publicity effort to better inform prospective players that it was really only similar in some limited ways may have not been the best move. Maybe there wil be a retitling that helps with that.

The new player experience is…. let's just say it needs a great deal of work. The very best thing new players can do to have a positive experience is to get involved in an active group as soon as possible. There is a pretty large percentage of MMO players that really do not like to feel they should rush into that kind of a thing. End result is frustrated players being pressured to join groups when they really want some time to grow and know their characters(and the game) all by themselves. There is this to consider though: The longest survived players(meaning not quit at day 1 or 2 weeks) are the ones that do find and join groups that they "click" with.

@ GW

If there isn't any way to really improve the tutorial and available reference material at a faster pace, including being very obvious where to find these things, maybe you need some Game Guardians that just help new players.
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Part of the issue is existing players have little or no reason (infinite wool resources aside) to spend any sort of lengthy time at Thornkeep. Hence unless someone has gone there specifically to recruit or help out new players (who often run away from vets anyway) the new player experiences is going to be a little sparse on the social side.
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