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Some Questions to Spark Forum Activity

Caldeathe Baequiannia
I too am sorry if I was baited in this thread into saying things that should just left be unsaid at this point.
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Anyone have any extra butter for my popcorn? Thod, you always had that delicious green garlic butter, can I have some more please? smile
(I) would welcome any attempts by Bob to show which character(s) actually did all the wasted refines.

We do hope to eventually have some kind of logs for vaults (both personal and shared). As with the recently-added auction logs, there will probably be some technical limits on them, but having logs is clearly desirable.

Until then, I sadly can't afford to open the door to policing specific crafting projects or vault withdrawals, since I'd likely be inundated by quite understandable requests to audit various vaults, and doing so is very time-consuming. I do make exceptions when there's reason to believe that items were lost because of a bug, and I'm pretty generous about investigating even minor suspicions. While this issue certainly highlights the limits of our current vault security system and the importance of balancing risk in terms of how valuable the items in a vault are relative to your trust in those with access to that vault, I don't have any reason to suspect the vaults operated any differently here than we all expect them to.
Posting here because as good a place as any.

I am curious what people involved in recent PvP feel about defending inns and the benefits of the free power they provide. Does it provide an advantage to defenders standing at the inn (unlimited intensify for fighters etc) or does the "once per combat" nature of a lot of cleric and wizard expendables render it fairly irrelevant.

I suppose what I am really asking is whether its an advantage to make your core 6 mainly inns.
Paddy Fitzpatrick

Well, thing is, if the attackers get the guards down and start trying to take the thing, then the attackers have that advantage instead and they get to sit around recharging while the defenders trying to stop em try to dislodge them.

Probably better to have an Inn, camp, or smallholding like one hex out from the battle or have one near the most likely respawn area IMO.

Then again, can't say I've been in that many pitched battles tho so maybe someone else may know more.
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And if Inn holdings ever gave a substantial benefit to where placing them in the core 6 was advantageous, then they'd need to look at the benefits they provide. The running joke in the Pathfinder Kingmaker table top is that players would only place graveyards, monuments, and brothels (later renamed "dancehalls" for some reason) because of the kingdom bonuses they give. smile
Duffy Swiftshadow
Inns can create a pretty huge change to the flow of combat, I would think they would give whichever side can get on the point and hold it a leg up when all things are pretty equal.
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