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Refund ?

Hello everyone,

I was one of the original Kickstarter backers, I actually backed the game up for $100 because I really believed in its concept and the people behind it, but … well … we all know how that ended, and I think that anyone still thinking that this joke of a game will survive is a bit delusional.

So, how will this work for us then, will we be abe to get a refund or something because we payed for something that never happened ?

I'm pretty sure we won't be able to get anything back, and honestly it's ok with me, as at the time of the Kickstarter I really believed this could turn into a great game so I don't really regret spending my money, I only regret I wasn't smart enough to realize that the people I gave it to, even though their intentions were good, had absolutely no clue how to run a MMORPG in 2015/2016, but that's another story.

So if we can't get a refund I'm fine with it, we all make mistakes and I will know better next time, but if there's a possibility to get something back can you tell me how to do it ?

Thanks smile
Duffy Swiftshadow
If you would be so kind drop me an email at
Oh that was very quick, thanks a lot, I'll send you an email right now then ! smile
I think that Drogan was also looking to buy a DT account. If it's got two day-1 DTs I'd be interested but wouldn't get into a bidding war.
In any case I'd like to track private sale price if the parties are comfortable disclosing that.
I would only like to buy the rewards DT, I can buy this from you for $100 and can the still sell the account
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Alright guys I have to tell you that I don't really know what you're saying here smile
What's a "DT" ?
And how can I "sell" my account ?
I would like to do that indeed if that can satisfy you, but I have no clue how this works … I just logged into the game once or twice a long time ago before realizing it wasn't for me, so I'm not super savvy in Pathfinder Online actually smile
DT is a Destinies Twin account. On this you can have 2 characters earn xp at the same time. Selling of accounts is done between people as there are no mechanics for it so it is a buyer beware situation.
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… I just logged into the game once or twice a long time ago before realizing it wasn't for me, so I'm not super savvy in Pathfinder Online actually smile

If you had both DT characters created and the account came with prepaid sub time running and has accumulated 6 months or so unspent XP on each account you will be able to sell the account as a single entity for a reasonable amount of cash.

If you had one character created and gaining XP and a separate unused DT add on then the two items are sellable separately, again for a reasonably good return, but less in total then if both were gaining XP.
To sell an entire account, get in contact with a buyer and figure out the payment method (PayPal transfer is a common choice) and change the email associated with the account and password to the new owner. The exact order is a negotiation between buyer and seller, and I haven't heard of any escrow services being worth the cost and hassle.

Selling just the DT perk I believe requires involving customer support.

Goblinworks does not resolve disputes between buyer and seller: both buyer and seller beware when transferring accounts and money.
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