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Refund ?

Caldeathe Baequiannia
I've never heard of any way to sell the DT perk. It is attached to the account.

Some people bought explorer packs, that let them send an invite for a DT account. Those invites (or for that matter any un-activated DT account) can be applied to an existing non-DT account to turn it into one, but you are still technically buying a complete account, not a DT perk.
To reach me, email
Yes, I want to buy the invite to turn one of my regular accounts into a DT…please contact me at
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Duffy Swiftshadow
Check your email Grazzt
You are a Troll
Of course, the game is likely to be picked up by a new developer - maybe you want to hold on to your account for another few weeks to see how it shakes out?
Hello everyone,
I see you have never even played the game after reading on, your stance on the game as a "joke" is a bit ignorant then !! Hope you play and learn how the game works its not like farmville so it needs a bit of thought put in to it and we all help new people learn so nothing to be ashamed of in asking. We were all new once. You will love it if you actually try it. If you need anything to get started let me know Ill help you, just whisper me in game smile
The Eternal Balance
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