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Item Quality not matching DB

I don't know if the Database hasn't been updated and that's the problem, but in both Goblinary and the PFO public Google drive the Wiki data file shows for crafting items the Item Quality (at +0) for all armors is 10x the level required to make it +10 if it is common. However in game, there are several armors that list different qualities. For example, Captain's Scale should be a quality of 110, but in the crafting window it shows 80.
I know The Goblinary is a privately maintained database by a couple our PFO players (one of which I don't think is currently active.) I think there was a post several months ago that they would not be maintaining it. However, I'm hopeful with NewCorp's eventual announcement, they will begin maintaining it again. It's a great resource and even in its unmaintained state, still is a great way to find much needed info that isn't readily apparent in the game.
Good catch.

This may seem like a small thing, but if the ql is 80 instead of 110, crafting times calculated from the spreadsheets will be 121-64~ about twice actual crafting time for +0.
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