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Congratulations to the new rulers of Mediash (formerly Freevale)!

The Freedom Alliance has taken over Freevale and made it their own, renaming it Mediash. Congratulations!
Well it's about time! smile

Congrats Guys!
Virtute et Armis
Good! I always thought it was a pity having it empty!
Schedim: Peddler and dealer in stuff easily transported, restless wandering the land of the River. Trying to find out how to reawaken the cult of Hanspur. To realise this ambition I created the company named Rats of Hanspur.
You can reach me on:
The Eternal Balance
Nice to see another settlement put to good use!
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
WxCougar of KOTC
Keeper's Pass (NG) - Respecting life, protecting freedom, united against tyranny. We are a Crafting Settlement with friendly people and welcome many play styles including casual and Role playing. For more information check our Traveler's Guide to Keeper's Pass at If you wish to join with us in Keeper's Pass come visit us at our website at
Stilachio Thrax
Virtus et Honor

Steward of Ozem's Vigil, Lord Commander of the Argyraspides Iomedais
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Congratulations, and best of luck. You earned it.
To reach me, email
Finally, Freevale is no more.
Myl - Herald of Stone Bear Clan (Tavernhold)
"You can walk into Tavernhold but a horse will have to carry you out."
HpoD - "I have, however, sat and watched as others took things more personally (on both sides) and became zealots, charging forward on a shining white horse into a pile of shit. Forum Warriors at their peak, striding the battlefield knee deep in the bloody, broken arguments of their adversaries before the burning village of their credibility….Chill guys. "
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