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Congratulations to the new rulers of Stormshelter (formerly Kreuz Bernstein))!

The Golden Scales have taken over Kreuz Bernstein and made it their own, renaming it Stormshelter. Congratulations!
Good name though
HpoD - "I have, however, sat and watched as others took things more personally (on both sides) and became zealots, charging forward on a shining white horse into a pile of shit. Forum Warriors at their peak, striding the battlefield knee deep in the bloody, broken arguments of their adversaries before the burning village of their credibility….Chill guys. "
April Fools
I actually logged in to post a congratulations to Bearsville (formerly Golgotha) but Bob was hours ahead of me.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
I think we need a crowd forging thread that eliminates players from naming towns !!! Bob 's names have all blown away what the player base comes up with !!
Once Bob's company starts taking over settlements it will be a moot point.
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