Accelerated power regen: Coin drain?

Surely if you bought and consumed a meal and a few beers at the Inn, your rest time should be accelerated. The higher the Inn is ranked the better the facilities and the food?

I'm also in favor of this idea. Make it consume extra bulk goods on one side and cost coin on the other and then give a percentage of that coin to the Inn's owner. Keep the bonus small, increasing by say 14 per tick for a very small cost and 25 per tick at great expense.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around a cohesive concept where power is regenerated quickly and at little cost, yet we are supposed to have a system in place where adventures are supposed to be buying charges by the 1000s and expending one per use of orison or cantrip. Before the melee buff way back when the balance between using a melee weapon for free or casting a cantrip (orison) was that weapon attacks did significantly less damage and effect. Post buff, a set of longsword attacks and a set of wand skills look a lot the same but with differing mish/mashes of procing effects leading us to world in where if we have charges for cantrips (orisions), we should also have whetstones and oils for weapons.

This game was supposed to be about meaningful choices. A world where you choose to expend resources or power to get the job done. A world where the wilderness was far more dangerous and you are far less powerful than this unfinished system currently makes you. A world where it takes an actual village to raise a village. A world where you have what you hold and hard is fun. I still want to live in that world, I hope you do too.
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