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Expendable & Keyword Matches Reference

Duffy Swiftshadow
Expendable & Keyword Matches

I finally got around to finishing a database tool to figure out the best matches between Expendables and Features and I figure other folks may find the results useful. There are two tabs on the sheet, one that's sorted by Expendables and another that's sorted by Features. The Expendable list has the best matching Feature at the top and what level it reaches that maximum match going down to the worst possible matching Feature. The Feature list has the Expendables sorted by best complete matches and what level that match occurs at down to partial matches and at what levels. Let me know here or email me if anyone finds a mistake.
Looks like this will be very useful.

Thanks for all the work.
Duffy Swiftshadow
I'll probably add a tab for Armors and Armor Feats next, just need to import that particular data first. I'd eventually like to stick this stuff and my market tool into a site and build up a few other tools, but that may be a little ways off.
Great job… So far I noticed Greater Glacial Blast and Greater Slay Living missing from at least the feature tab..ill go over it more in detail later
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Duffy Swiftshadow
I pulled the data from the PFO Wiki sheets so if it's missing from there too that's why. If it is there I might have pulled the data before it was added, I'll take a look after work. I can manually add missing stuff to the database relatively easy, especially if it's only a few here and there.
Seems like all the Improved expendables are missing as well. Though Goblinary is missing keywords for those as well.
Duffy Swiftshadow
A few people have mentioned it and I took a look at the Wiki Sheets, looks like all the Improved versions that were added a bit later are missing. If anyone does learn an Improved version that is missing and would be so kind as to send me the keywords I'll get it added to the database and regenerate the lists.
Edam has a vault full to learn later but currently only knows five of the improved ones:

Improved Holy Light: Creating Acolyte Excoriating Disciple Cataclysmic Priest
Improved Blessing: Blessing Acolyte Invoking Disciple
Improved Divine Strength: Blessing Acolyte Enhancing Disciple Besieging
Improved Endure Elements: Blessing Acolyte Warding Disciple
Improved Resist Energy: Blessing Acolyte Warding Disciple Vigorous
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