PFO got to where it is today by allowing EVERYONE to imagine it is the game for them.

I've seen kickstarters this year that seem to use Ryan Dancey levels of slipperiness to their game description.

I've come to expect developers to be slippery and non-committal rather than to tell a million gamers (before they spend) that this isn't the game for them.
I think compared to some of those kickstarters, Ryan Dancey was actually being pretty upfront about who PFO would cater too. Or he tried to be. In CoE you are made to believe that everyone can be a special snowflake yet you need serbs to become that special snowflake.

That PFO did not deliver (yet) is another story. smile I would still like to see the original PFO blogs realized with an actual healthy population.

I certainly agree with your pretty realistic (and harsh) assesment of how things will go down in PFO. I am kinda hoping that PFO's "safezones" will be less geographical in nature and be more in the realm of Factions, Diplomacy and POlitics, where "less participation" means "more safety" but also less power for your character.

An example would be that if you are a member of 7 factions you get perks, but are open to much more PvP from opposing factions then when you are just part of one.

I have *no* idea if this can be done to a satisfactory degree though. Geographical safezones seem much easier to implement.
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