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Alpha: some observation...

…about my first hours in game. What I don't like
I listing here some concept that i've found wrong, compared with other productions like World of Warcraft and EVE. Hope to share some community thought.
- bug on map does afflict minimap too? If no minimap is nearly unreadable. Adding a tag with name of the currrent location could be useful too
- music fade too fast. There aren't enough ambient effect in town (like hammer on anvil) or while walking in forest
- name location could appear via OSD too, both for town and some environment location (blood lake, emerald hill, …smile
- a screenshot directory would be appreciated
- a chat message when we receive an object would be great
- tutorial is too simple and some text must be improved. Tutorial that send us to Woodshop start with:"when u open a woodshop remember to select…" - woo woo woo wait, what? Woodshop? Why u don't tell me first where Woodshop is, what is it and how facilities work! And remember to right-click the door!
- facilities doors could be highlighted when mouseovering, with different brightness and an interactive cursor too. Same for banner, with modified contrast (are unreadable) and tooltip that pop on mouseover if i select it from afar
- npc town seems abandoned, some patrol and walking npc should be fine
- some more quests that introduce us the way to get points around the world could be good for beginner players
- when a job is completed, a flashing icon could appear on minimap
- when i target an enemy, i don't see his hitpoint value (no good)
- one thing i really miss is a panel that link every skill/professions like the one in EVE (very important IMO)
- don't know if it will be deployed with markets, but a window panel that list all item in game with info related should be nearly…required

Well, just some memos taken in few days…hope could be helpful
Observations and impressions are valuable to anyone desiring improved understanding. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to provide your point of
Lo, the mighty Oak. Just a little nut who stood his ground!
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