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Back in business!!

This can't possibly be legal/allowed, right?
I think selling of goods/accounts is still allowed.
The first thing they teach you in MMO school is that gold selling sites are where you go to get your accounts stolen.

The reason gold selling sites have limitless supplies is that each buyer becomes the next victim of account theft so each player that buys something (or even visits a site) involuntarily winds up providing the goods that the next player buys, providing the gold selling sites a limitless supply of goods for no effort other than allowing the malware on a website to infect your computer and keylog your account names and passwords for all the games you play and all the email accounts you use.

I have no problem with players selling goods if GW doesn't. But I'd still advise people NOT to visit gold selling sites, unless you can do it from your work computer, and you hate your boss and were going to quit today, anyway. :-)
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The links aren't malicious though, its a PA listing. I'ts a MM service. Time to take off the tinfoil hat lol.
Those prices are suspiciously low and distorted.
Those prices are suspiciously low and distorted.

Indeed. The effort to accumulate a single gold is worth more than $5 US.
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You are a Troll
Could this be a case of the naughty *D* word used for out of game profit?
Paddy Fitzpatrick
I sure hope not.

Maybe i am missing some context here. What is the stuff being sold?
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