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Paddy Fitzpatrick

So i wasnt actually part of whatever incident happened (i was just part of the peanut gallery). Still would like ya to hear me out as a more PvP kinda guy myself.

Now if ya still wish to sell this off afterwards then i respect the decision so dont get me wrong.

So with that, i know getting whacked when you are just doing your own thing can be infuriating. Nobody likes getting constantly destroyed in a fight, take it from someone who gets regularly beaten in PvP, it sucks.

Still, on the other hand, this game dont strike me as a 100% gank fest, ya know. I dunno exactly what happened and i dont care unless there were clear signs of griefing (from what i heard didnt seem to be). So yeah it is hard when stuff like this happens, and there are times when it is perfectly understandable how someone couls be angry and obviously there needs to be checks and balances.

That said, this is a PvP game though, and i got no desire to soften thst reality, but there is a positive aspect to it believe it or not if you just hear me out…

There is a sense of adventuring with your mates, and a sort of thrill and real trepidition you get when you aint truly safe out in the wildlands. Sure in your settlement or fortified land there may be some reasonable expectstion of safety but like i said before there is a sort of gsme of thrones appeal to this. If it was 100% safe all the time in a player made content game we may very well have a lot less to do. If ya have a good group to play with ya also got a support network if you are frustrated or down and out if your group is worth their salt. There will be times where ya get enraged i do it too.

Still, there is that poaitive thrill that isnt the usual elitist pvp sterotype of just wanting to make everyone miserable in and out of gamr either. There are many kinds of pvpers out there dude. Still, gotta roll with the good times as well as the bad.

So before ya make a decision ya cant take back, at least consider this first.
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Will a game where anyone can get killed at any time ever be a financial success?

Even though a death while hunting and gathering is only a setback of 1 to 45 minutes (due to carrying capacity) and even though there are a variety of ways to avoid death, it seems like the average MMO player won't tolerate a loss of 23 minutes and doesn't want to take the steps to be safer. We've seen this repeatedly over 17 months now.

The person who dies doesn't care if it cost the killer(s) reputation, influence, etc. they just are intolerant of being killed and are happier in games where they can blissfully ignore their fellow players.

Maybe they just value their shiny loot, or maybe it is a matter of lost pride. It may just turn out that the number of people willing to endure the fact that at every moment they might be prey, is too small to make a game a success.

Then when you add in that many of the steps to be safer mean working with others, the game's current micro-population irritates even the social and non-lazy folks who are willing (but often unable) to take socially-oriented precautions.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
Don't want to make a big conversation out of it in this thread, so if someone does let's take it to a new thread.

Anyways, the incident that seemed to have caused this occurred last night, no one actually attacked anyone or fought, nor would we have unless attacked first. It was all talking regarding territory claims. I'm sorry if this caused someone to quit as I would prefer if they did not, but at the same time I don't believe our actions are wildly out of scope of the game or anywhere near griefing.

Either way, best of luck OP.
Thorgrim Foegrinder
I think that with higher population will come a sense of solidarity and mutual protection with those you share a company or settlement with, and people will be able to lean on that a bit more than they can now. Also, there's often a comparison to EVE Online - EVE has highsec space, and my understanding is that plans are in the works to somewhat mimic that in blue shield hexes. It also has complete safety inside stations, so I think a parallel in PFO should be that when you interact with a building you disappear, as if you actually entered that building. I'm sure there are other features that, if implemented, will mitigate the shock of being killed. Once those are implemented and we have a higher population, I expect that dying to random PvP will be easier to avoid if you really want to take steps to avoid it, and more palatable when it happens.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
I'm sorry if this caused someone to quit as I would prefer if they did not
Just not so much that you could resist cutting locals out of an escalation 20 hexes from your home, even after your group told him they'd leave? Turns out you don't get your preference. And of the 7 people I joined with, there are now two of us left. Congrats.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Duffy Swiftshadow
I'm sorry if this caused someone to quit as I would prefer if they did not
Just not so much that you could resist cutting locals out of an escalation 20 hexes from your home, even after your group told him they'd leave? Turns out you don't get your preference. And of the 7 people I joined with, there are now two of us left. Congrats.

Again, I would prefer we move a debate to another thread.

As to the point: I told him nothing of the sort and I speak only for League personal, their were more than us there. Perhaps he talked to one of them I do not know.

We asked for relatively simple proof for us to acknowledge a claim and it was not provided. For all we knew it could have been an alt of someone who dislikes us harassing us, for all we know so are you. It's an unfortunate side effect of the anonymity of such games. We are acting in our best interests in a competitive game, we've clearly defined the rules to our behavior which were in turn chosen to fit a particular RP angle, and we do our best to avoid causing much grief while doing so. To be honest this is the mildest sort of conflict you will ever see in this game.
@ Olumbra:
If you are averse to PVP in any way shape or form, this game will be quite difficult. This is my first experience in a PVP world as I used to play only PVE in other games. I find the idea that at any moment, if you are not paying attention, you can get got, no matter what you are doing, is very exciting. One of the purposes of the game, based off of what I have either seen or been a part of, if social interaction of all kinds. That is why finding the right Settlement is crucial. Or you could try teaming up with others online at the same time as you.

@ Paddy:

@ Midnight:
I can see the point you are making about people not liking PVP, not enjoying this game. Again, as this is a new experience for me, I find it rather fun. I don't want to play with what you describe as "the average MMO player" if they don't want to put in the work. I would say that the populace not being very populated is due to the Goblinworks/New Corp. not being defined yet.
Hobson Fiffledown
Good luck to the OP, all the best in the future to you.

This seems more like a population issue. If there were 2000 people logged in on the server instead of 20, yoinking away an escalation deep (way deep) in another's territory would be a much harder thing to pull off. Oh, and dream the dream of soul-binding to actually send fallen combatants a good distance away. That "safer zone" would be created naturally by having 200 or more people from your company/settlement/alliance on.

I don't see anything wrong with anyone's actions or reactions here. I do agree this incident (if it was just what went down in General last night) is pretty mild compared to what should be expected in any open world PvP game, but with the current state of the game I can understand how many things are much more frustrating. It's just rough that it might end up with more player losses.

Edit: and side-talking just keeps the sales post up top. I say we charge the OP coppers for free advertising. smile
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
No worries, Duffy, I'm sure if they'd proven their claim, there'd have been something else wrong with it anyway that would have allowed you to keep doing whatever you feel like doing.
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