For those entering Pathfinder Online, as a starting point for finding other players to chat with, a number of the groups in the community maintain a Mumble server (An open-source gamer-centric voice client see Wikipedia. Project main page for downloads) at port 3093. The Golarion Mumble is open to all players, and hosts occasional developer chats, as well as organized activities for the player-run Pathfinder University, which offers new players a home-base from which to get started in game. The university members and guests sometimes offer courses for helping you get your feet on the ground and weapons in-hand. It is also a primary home for several in-game alliances. Any group is welcome to use open rooms, or request a room of your own.

For ease of connecting with new people, if Mumble is correctly installed on their machine, pointing any browser to will get you there.

Many individual companies and settlements also operate their own team-specific voice client, so if you are joining, or interested in joining, an existing group, please check with them for their preference, or ask someone in the mumble if they can point you the right direction.

(If other groups would like their specific voice client info included, please send me a detailed email or a pm on the coalroad.)
To reach me, email