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BHA's missed opportunities at diplomacy

I saw things that seemed to be threats of and/or completed raids into BHA-1, and I speculate that such a thing happening would impair negotiations, especially since the last public policy regarding the matter that I saw was that BHA members were told not to enter the uncontested area claimed by HRC.

I get that HRC is less authoritarian, and may not be able to exercise much control over citizens, and I don't know for sure if I misread a statement or if the HRC wanted to take that threat completely off the table, or maintain plausible deniability, or something else.

Either something to the effect of "as long as negotiations continue…" or "until [demand]" "the HRC will|will not discourage members from engaging in…", depending on what your intentions are would be what I suggest.
Annnd I see that the long draft times have rendered the post moot.

Here's to either a positive gameplay fight over a dispute or a happy resolution that creates a rich political history rather than more forum drama.
What this game does not need is a Forumever War.

We can only tolerate a certain amount of foreplay. smile
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
Eyraphel Teralyn

As one of the Brighthaven members who, like you, are giving the opposition the benefit of the doubt, I've been elected the point of contact for BHA in this matter. If you wish to discuss viewpoints preceding any negotiations, I'm available on Paizo and in our Mumble. Either way, I expect to be emailing you tonight.

With that said, I hope that both sides can refrain from publicly engaging each other here, as I don't believe anyone should be proud of several things written on both sides. Clearly, it's not aiding the situation, and reportedly even the best-stocked households are running out of popcorn.
Congratulations. it worked for what, 10 hours?
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Nice to see you around.
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