DT account with a level 18 sawyer, level 14 tanner, 25 constitution. Has a bunch of T3 recipes already learnt.

Second XP-gaining toon is a T3 miner-turned-combat-cleric.

Account perks:
New Player Pack 0
Destinys Twin 0
Daily Deals 1
Early Enrollment 1
Alliance Pack 2
Soundtrack Download 1
1 Month game time 0
Test Server Access 1
Head Start 1
Shield Mate 1
Behind the Scenes PDF 1
Character Name Reservation 1

The sawyer should also know all T1 and T2 recipes. T3 sawyer recipes known:
Ash Shafts +1
Ash Shafts +2
Composite Ash Stave +1
Composite Ash Stave +3
Ghostwood Bar +2
Ghostwood Baton +1
Ghostwood Baton +2
Ghostwood Haft +1
Ghostwood Haft +2
Ghostwood Pole +1
Ghostwood Pole +2
Ghostwood Pole +3
Infused Firewood +1

PM me your best offer (jasconine@gmail.com). The account will be sold to the first bidder who meets the reserve price which may not necessarily be the highest bid. I will contact the successful bidder to arrange for the transfer which I expect to be completed within 3 days of notification. I will also put a notification of the status here as appropriate.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.