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NewCorp Update

Welcome NewCorp, Welcome to City 17…. er …. PFO
Glad to see a note and look forward to additional information.

All at Keeper's Pass await further developments with keen interest.
Fult always glad to loot new corpses.
What? New Corp? Oh! so only one died?
<sigh and shrugs>
Fult hopes Fult will see more soon.
[ooc] Progression, good. I look forward to actual fielded drops with cautious anticipation.
Drakis [Arrodima] [Default Speaker] [PvE Soldier, Empyrean Legion ]
Nijah [Arrodima] [Leader, The Argent Defenders, PvE]
Jinh [Arrodima] [Leader, The Concordian Council]
Leader of Marsh Wardens and Steward of Hammerfall
Welcome! A most positive development indeed! smile
First Elder Durin Steelforge; Leader of Forgeholm; Founder of Steelforge Engineering Company

PM Giorgo on Paizo Forums
PM Admin George on Commonwealth of the Free Highlands
Welcome and great to hear from you directly for the first time.

All the best and good luck.
Thod/Theodum are the OOC/IC leaders of the Emerald Lodge - a neutral settlement in the center of the mal that tries to the first to explore the Emerald Spire - should that part of the game ever become available. We have a strong in game and out of game relationship with the Pathfinder Society.
We welcome both hard core players as well as casual players with or without tabletop experience. We have a strong group in Europe and are slowly expanding into the US. We are predominately PvE as our neutral political stance means that we tend to use PvP only in self-defence. We are not anti-PVP - but expect limited PvP opportunity with us.
Stilachio Thrax
Welcome! Hope to see more of you in the coming weeks!
Virtus et Honor

Steward of Ozem's Vigil, Lord Commander of the Argyraspides Iomedais
So many questions
For whom shall the game be built
Patience Grasshopper
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
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