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Of goblins and wolves.

Hobson Fiffledown
“You still running the fights?” Hobson asked, too loudly and much too comfortably for decent company. Thankfully, this was the guild house in Rotter’s Hole and no decent company was within earshot. The Thornguards and stray Paladins had been run out of town so many years ago. The man Hobson approached was named Froud, the rogue’s guild trainer here in Rotter’s, and he was not known for his love of strangers who asked questions.

Froud moved a mop of dirty blonde hair out of his face and gave Hobson an icy stare. “Never heard o’ such a thing…” the trainer said, wrinkling his nose. Froud was, however, known for his love of strangers with loose pockets. Hobson pulled back the edge of his cloak and flung a small coin purse through the air. Froud quickly snapped up the pouch and bounced it a little in his hand. He flashed a crooked grin at Hobson, looked around, and cleared his throat.

“Ain’t been no games here in a good while. Used to be we had a dozen desperate goblins and even more of them omega wolves fighting every couple of days. Good money that was. Ah, good times too.” He slipped the coin purse into his pocket and gestured north. “They all escaped. Damned things went a little crazy during that cataclysm thing, busted outta their pens and headed off into the woods. They’ve been at each other's throats out there ever since. You think they would have settled down by now, but no, old habits die hard. If you’re looking for the fights, my friend, well…they’re somewhere out there now.”

Hobson’s long search for some proper battle had finally led him here, to the last refuge of the realm’s most humble denizens, the desperate goblins. He smiled and headed off down the road in search of some goblins and some wolves to scrap with. However, what he found was more than a simple goblin pit-fight gone wild.

Beneath the peaks that mark the Ustilav territory, the goblins had raised a temple to the four goblin hero-gods: Hadregash, Venkelvore, Zarongel, and Zogmugot. These ancient barghest were kin to both wolf and goblin. The Desperate Goblins and Omega Wolves were not locked in some crazy bloodlust, nor were they driven by ego and power like so many of the “more advanced” species of the River Kingdoms. They simply battled as a way to pay homage to their hero-gods…and sometimes just for the fun of it.


So…I'm turning Rotter's 1 into an open-to-all battle arena.

Two days a week (Sat & Sun), the Omega Wolves will feud the Desperate Goblins. The two companies will be used by players to practice with each other, scrimmage, and generally mess around with PvP. Any interested players who would like to get in on the fun (and who can company hop), are invited to come join us.

Simply show up in Rotter's Hole and apply to the Desperate Goblins or the Omega Wolves (and be sure to send a message in general or the mumble room). In the Golarion mumble, there is a new section called "PvP Goblins vs Wolves" for general coordination. Each company also has its own mumble room for secure-ish battle comms.

Officer positions will be open to (hopefully) enough regular players to facilitate team coordination (i.e. accepting applications). If you are heading to R1 for fun and would like to help out, just ask. (Let’s say you want to head on up with a group of eight of your players. Having an Officer in each company would allow you to move around fighting groups as you wanted, as well as operate on your own schedule throughout the two-day feud.)

Omega Wolves are required to kill easy mobs along the way in order to farm the 25 influence required to keep this feud going every week.

Omega Wolves are forbidden from attempting to capture any buildings or attacking guards in Rotter's 1.

Omega Wolves and Desperate Goblins are not allowed outside of Rotter's Hole or R1 (Leaders excluded). We all know pretty much everyone the server will kill both on sight. Please apply in Rotter's Hole to have fun and /vcleave to wander the realm. You have been warned.

Rosters will occasionally (maybe frequently) be cleared. That’s just how it’s going to go. Don’t be mad, just head back up to Rotter’s Hole and apply again next week.

Participation is what will keep this going. If enough players are taking advantage of this, and enough influence is farmed, then I don't see why it couldn't go on as long as people enjoy it (barring game changes). Let's see what happens.

This space for rent.
Hobson Fiffledown
“But how do I use this, Hobson?” You ask? Good question.

You could -

Get together with your settlement or company or alliance mates and practice PvP for free.

Meet strangers and try to crush them on the field of battle.

Duel with your nemesis or set up ego matches.

Be a disturber and go attack that group of four who are practicing up north. Get yelled at in the mumble. Giggle a little. Do it again. Then get hunted down by the rest of the hex who just switched teams. Laugh about it back at the Rotter’s tavern with everyone and then join the group of four for some scrimmage fun later. No one even burns the world down. That’s crazysauce! Crazysauce, I say.

Take your main up there with piles of half-worn T1 gear and have cheap fun.

Run your 1k alt up there and have a good old fashioned noob-fight.

Hold a tournament.

Bake cookies? I don't know. Damn, should I press your buttons for you too?
Go have some fun or something.

And yes, I did just name the Rotter’s Hole rogue trainer. His name is Froud. (Hobson giggles, Fight Club scenes rolling in his mind. “HIS NAME IS FROUD!” Ah, good times.) I also used the term “crazysauce” twice…three times now. What are you going to do about it? Well, I’ll be up in R1 this weekend. Maybe see you there. smile
This space for rent.
Looking forward to it Hobson!
This would be a good opportunity to test some things….
Hobson Fiffledown
Just a reminder that the feud will start tomorrow morning-ish (MDT) and last for two days.

I'm already approving some early applications. If you want to be an officer, just let me or another current officer know. If your group has an officer in each company, you can switch up combatants on your schedule throughout the feud (I, and other officers won't be on 24/2 for this).
This space for rent.
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