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Goblinary is no longer down

Duffy Swiftshadow
Duffy Swiftshadow
I've got a list of a dozen small tools that would be really handy, but unfortunately my HTML knowledge is rather poor compared to my SQL and C# abilities so it's taking me awhile to get moving on any of it. If there's a fairly experienced web developer out there with spare time and interest we could easily expand some of the tools available for PFO.

It would be more then HTML, it also include CSS, javascript, PHP and maybe even a few other things.
Though with PHP, we could take your SQL database that is hooked up to C# and use it.

Yea I was simplifying a bit, I work on Web Apps (primarily Microsoft shop) for my day job but I'm one of the database guys. The level of quality and complexity I'm looking for is past my current Web Development skills. An MVC template slapped on a DB isn't gonna cut it for what I would like to do. While I know a lot of the bits conceptually and have messed with them I'm just not practiced enough in general to work as quickly as I can in database land. So slow and steady for now until I can find some assistance.
There seems to be a lot of us MS SQL DB/ C# guys around this game.
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I'm a developer myself, mostly Javascript right now but also Java (primarily for web services), a decent amount of database stuff (Sybase most recently), and whatever else comes along.
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I know the last time I asked folks to let a thread die, it… didn't work out that way… but could we start a new thread to discuss these ideas rather than keeping a thread titled "Goblinary is down" near the top of Latest Updates?
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