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EE 11.3 Preliminary Release Notes

The build passed all the smoke tests, so I'm moving on to testing out all the specific changes. There aren't any changes that really call for any big organized play sessions, so I'm not planning to have organized test sessions this time around. However, if anyone needs assistance getting characters set up or trying something in particular out, contact me at For those of you who have a chance to check out the build, here's some thoughts on what to look into:

  • Anything on the release notes that makes you go hmmm…
  • Run around killing things, as a party or individual, in hexes with or without an escalation.
  • Craft some items.
  • Buy, sell and/or bid at an Auction House.

Testing is going well, so we're planning to deploy 11.3 to Live during Wednesday's Daily Maintenance (7/27, 9-10 AM Pacific). If anyone spots any problems before then, please post them here, file a support ticket in-game, or send an email to
Don't forget it's Patch Day!
Virtute et Armis
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