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Social/New Player Improvements

A Binding Contract system.

The original suggestions and developments are all sounding good and get a +1. I do have a minor concern about how friending might be implemented. Their needs to be some restrictions as friending is used in many games as a PvP watch list and griefing tool.

However personally the lack of EVE style contracts is by far the biggest "social" construct missing. With suitably setup contract mechanics our crafters can just contract items straight to the personal vault of purchasers (no more risking it in a settlement vault or needing to meet up in game across timezones) and settlement recruiters with a stock of T1 gear at Thornkeep will be able to contract starter gear to new recruits personal vaults without logging in alts or actually going to Thornkeep.
Option to wear hood/cowl up or down on capes and armor.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
For friends list you can just put in some privacy settings for different groups of friends and you should be ok.

Yeah I never was around in these hex chat days. Wheb I came on all I saw was gen chat and a local chat that turned out to be far less useful than I thought.

A hex chat would be great, addibg more EVE like functions to make your own chats will be even better. No clue why anyone would say hez chat would be dangerous.

I would say keep gen chat until you got a big enough pop AND get all these features in. Only then should it be removed. Besides, you can always have the option of ignoring channels so if someonendoesnt wanna deal with gen chat they can make their own chanbel, go to company, settlement, or alliance chat, and switch off gen chat.
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The issue with hex chat was more one of player stupidity.

People were using Hex Chat as a defacto form of settlement chat for stuff like planning escalations, gathering and even in some cases PvP operations and totally ignoring the fact that a stealthed scout character just inside the hex boundary, could see everything they typed with impunity. The scouting character could even be at max neg rep as there are plenty of locations "in hex" for a settlement that are well out of range of the Thornguards.
Quijenoth Starkiller
one of the key factors that general chat destroys is the need to travel for things. Why hike across the map to check an auction house when you can just ask in general. this and many other reasons to travel are lost. Yes you can ask in out of game services like mumble and TS but those are not really something the game can (or should) control.

The game world felt so much bigger in the beginning, now I feel like I'm neighbors with everyone. People stuck to key hexes to communicate which I felt was more realistic. Towns are when you meet people to plan and organize before setting out in to the wilds, now I can do that while auto-running to wherever. The knock on effect is that the world also feels so empty now (and no, not because there are less people), people will do a quick 5 hex run to check on an AH while setting up a group with friends instead of doing so in their settlement meaning there is less chance of noticing that new player (and potential recruit) who might fill a slot or two in your party.
Quijenoth Starkiller Viceroy of Callambea
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While checking AHs through general chat (or whispers) might remove the need to travel to check on AHs, I don't really mind that. Travelling simply to check on a shop, while somewhat realistic, seems just very, very boring activity. Someone still needs to haul the goods somewhere, which is not something a chat can eliminate.

As a counter: I'd like to see a in-game system for checking in on auctions. A system like that acts as an equalizer - everybody has access to that. If we take a game like Path of Exile where most trading (of valuable goods) happens through forums, people with access to 3rd party sites (or custom aggregator scripts) dominate the market with a ridiculous margin. With large enough of a player base, similar services will come.

I know, I know. OP requested only direct ideas. Sorry :<

On the topic of moving, I'd like to see a stronger geographical segregation of monster types (of course, this requires more monsters). Having to travel a little for some of the more obscure gate achievements might be nice. Or maybe prestige clas.. archetypes are a thing in the future, with some kill X gates?

Coherence is not my strong suit.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Honestly I would be all happy with making the world feel bigger and whanot but this game is already too much of a run sim as is. I cant imagine what it must have been like without gen chat. I am told it was even less further along than it is now and if I had to make an extremely boring 30-60+ minute hike per auction house to check every single auction house? Yeah forget that! Given that you cannot actually auto run amd have to be at your keyboard the entire I dunno how many hours it would take, it aint worth the time. Until there are peeps to run into an cause trouble for, I am not gonna waste 3-5 hours checking auction houses in hopes that maybe one of em has what I want.

At most I would occasionaly make a trek up to the nearest ones within a reasonable walk but I do that anyway with gen chat in place.

The solution? Either make it less of a run sim with more travel options, or have a true autorun option where you can set a waypoint and forget it (at your own peril of course). The less time spent on boring run sim, the more time you have for everything else.
Paddy Fitzpatrick - Rí Ruírec of Fianna, roaming bands of noble warriors!
Member of the Kathalpas Coalition and home of bandits, privateers, and anyone looking to get away from the shackles of law.
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Taking out general chat for the purpose of making people use other channels to get market information might be an effective way to get a web app written that allows users to post AH bids and offers.

A better way would be to create an API that allows outside sites to query bids and offers.
Thorgrim Foegrinder
The Storehouse already has support for that. Nobody used it though so I disabled it, but I can add it back in without too much trouble (would have to update it for some changes that have happened since).
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Realism vs. Convenience. So far in no way is this game slotted for hardcore realism. We have seen that from Developer descriptions and responses from the first days. The emphasis is on (or supposed to be) having fun spending time in-game. That is the goal and the bottom line, IMO, of what we have seen to be the intent. Yeah, that requires time and money to make happen. It is were the game is going, in general.

Yes there are those few that want the real hardcore of no gen chat. Maybe having your own shops and actually having to mind the store with your play time. Having to guard your settlements, with players, 23/7 to keep out undesirable visitors. Having to run great distance to see what may or may not be in a particular auction house. While those are all interesting ideas, they just don't strike me as fun playtime. MMO gaming is not yet so viscerally REAL that those type of things can be FUN. They might someday be that way, but not yet.

Maybe if those super hardcore few become a large enough % of the player base, options to play that way could actually be coded in. Some kind of already are. You should have the option to turn off gen chat if you want. You can stand in your settlement of choice and shout out what you have for sale if you wish. The ability to physically guard(with real characters) your settlements and holdings is there right now. It is possible to run around AH to AH if you want, possibly finding the things you want at the prices you like.

No one has chosen to play that way yet. No one likes to run around long distances aimlessly or at least not many on a regular basis.
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