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Dun Baile Leadership Update

Paddy Fitzpatrick
So with this I should probably give a serious update for those that might actually care…

So some of you may have known that I have been sort of out of commission the past couple of months due to IRL stuff. In my stead Malerist Marune (yogsothoth on these forums) has been acting head as a result.

So with me easing my way back I will have some catching up to do but regardless I am announcing that as far as leadership goes, Malerist and I will both be co-leaders of Fianna. Load balancing is always a good thing, and he has done a great job keeping things going so hey if aint broke dont fix it.

Both of us are equal partners, equal authority, equal power. We both can be contacted and both of us can represent and speak for Dun Baile as needed.

So with that I get to start catching up on things. Cheers!
Paddy Fitzpatrick - Rí Ruírec of Fianna, roaming bands of noble warriors!
Member of the Kathalpas Coalition and home of bandits, privateers, and anyone looking to get away from the shackles of law.
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Welcome back Paddy.
Welcome back
Welcome Back Paddy.
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