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Question about Beneficial Attacks/Utilities matching Keywords

Sspitfire1 asked a similar question on the PFO Forums at Noob question: Do bow attacks target Reflex or Fortitude?.

How would having 30 in the Mind Blank stack differ from having 1 in the Mind Black stack when it is protecting against Interrupt? Would it affect the percentage rate at which Interrupt occurs from an attack that can induce it?

Can you help us understand how Effect Power works on all-or-nothing Effects like Interrupt?
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Stephen Cheney
I'm not sure whether Interrupt is affected by Effect Power. The design is that crowd controls step down due to reduction including margin of failure and Effect Power, and Interrupt steps down to "do nothing" at 30%. But I need to check with Cole to see if that's actually going to work programming wise, and whether higher-than-needed Effect Power would counteract margin of failure effect reduction to keep the Interrupt working (e.g., if you have +10% from Effect Power, but get a 30-39% reduction from margin of failure, does that net out to "Interrupt still works"?).

Regardless, it doesn't look like there are any attacks with an Interrupt that don't have something else they do that benefits from more keywords (more damage or other effects that certainly are affected by Effect Power).
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